SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Mar 29, 2016) - Qumulo, the leader in data-aware scale-out NAS, today announced that Vaisala, a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement, has selected Qumulo Core to stay ahead of the growing volume, variety and velocity of environmental sensor and modeling data.

Vaisala is a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement products and services. With a mission to ensure reliable environmental observations for better decision making, the company works to increase the precision of observational data and resulting insight to improve safety, efficiency and return on investment across a broad range of industries, from transportation and energy to agriculture and life sciences.

Faced with the data processing and storage challenge of efficiently managing a vast volume of tiny sensor measurements as well as huge, complex forecasting models, Vaisala needed a system that was optimized for a flood of both small and large files. Unfortunately, the company's existing storage system wasn't up to the task -- and more importantly, the system was a black box when it came to understanding the data storage and usage.

"We found ourselves constantly fussing with our storage system, moving data around as 'SmartPools' filled up -- trying to understand what's being used and what's stored where, running reports that were out of date before they even finished," said Paul English, IT manager, Energy R&D. "It was frustrating."

English knew that as its large scale machine data processing and storage load continued to grow, those problems would only get worse. The combination of Qumulo's flexible, fast and highly scalable storage with real-time analytics for visibility into data usage promised English the storage performance and scale he needed, with the insight that he'd entirely lacked from his old system.

Vaisala ultimately selected Qumulo's QC208 hybrid storage appliances, deploying a four-node cluster capable of storing over 400TB of usable data, and noticed a performance improvement out of the gate. Additionally, Vaisala was impressed with the performance insights gained through Qumulo Core software. With Qumulo's intuitive dashboard and easy user management, research and production groups are able to monitor the system themselves -- freeing up the IT team to spend more of their time adding value with other tasks. "With Qumulo, we've traded our time managing storage for opportunity leveraging the data," said English.

With Qumulo, Vaisala now has instant insight on storage utilization, data load, and even the speed and location of changes to the system -- which is critical given the increasing velocity of data ingest. 

To support the constant growth that comes with Vaisala's large scale machine data processing and storage, English is already in the process of adding another Qumulo storage node and anticipates more in the future. That's just one area where the Qumulo Care enterprise support team helps.

"Whether it's a problem and we need help, or we are looking for a deeper conversation about what changes to the product can best suit our needs, Qumulo listens. I don't think I've experienced any other vendor ever taking such good care of me," concluded English.

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