SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 29, 2016) - O'Reilly Strata + Hadoop Interana, the behavioral analytics solution for event data at scale, today announced that Christina Noren has joined the company as Chief Product Officer (CPO). With more than 20 years in technology leadership roles, Noren identified the importance of event data before most. Noren was the first head of product at Splunk, from its launch in 2005 through four major product versions, and remained on its senior executive team through Splunk's 2012 IPO. Prior to this, she was head of product at early log management database maker, Sensage (formerly Addamark). In addition, Noren was a group manager at Microsoft leading internal efforts to build an event data repository in 1998. Before Microsoft, Noren established her track record of identifying and driving breakout success in leadership roles at two early stage companies which also achieved successful IPOs, Portal Software and Sonic Solutions.

Noren's expertise in event data and behavioral analytics is an ideal match for Interana's product, vision, and mission. Noren was immediately drawn to Interana's entirely new architecture which is purpose-built for processing complex behavioral questions against time-series data in seconds at any scale. This impressive architecture is matched with a visual and interactive front-end that provides behavior-based insights directly to the business user. Noren quickly realized this combination was the right solution at the right time to disrupt a market still dependent on limited architectures that restrict access to data.

"Interana has a different approach to analytics with an architecture purpose-built for exploring patterns in event data at massive scale. This solution will win against both IT-centric and traditional BI architectures that continue to fall short in delivering actionable and timely behavioral insights to the business," said Noren. "l look forward to taking the company to the next level, and making Interana the de facto solution for understanding behavior to support product, marketing and business decisions."

As CPO at Interana, Noren will draw on her expertise to continue driving the power of behavioral analytics into companies large and small. Noren's goal is to eliminate the barriers between data and business users by delivering a solution that is intuitive and free of intimidating interfaces, query languages, and sluggish performance at scale. Interana's truly self-service solution will bring the most important behavioral insights directly to business users at the speed of thought, without the significant overhead of existing solutions.

Noren will also focus on accelerating the viral spread of Interana. Customers like Microsoft, SONOS, Tinder, and Reddit are already realizing a new level of understanding into the behavior of their users and products. People across diverse departments like Marketing, Product, and Growth have been enabled with insights they previously never had -- supporting better business decisions that drive revenue. Noren will continue innovating the solution to support the new data culture that Interana is enabling by working hand-in-hand with customers. According to Noren, this hands-on customer approach is critical to success. By combining this with a team of incredible talent, low ego, and hunger for success, Noren feels she is empowered to help lead another transformation in the market.

"For nearly two decades, I've been building systems that defined what we call big data and event data today. Now, we're at a key inflection point for the industry," said Noren. "Interana is poised for significant market capitalization not only because of their leading technology, strategic vision and amazing foundation of customers, but also having the perfect combination of strong, passionate and inspiring leadership, and talent across the organization with the right skills-sets and unmatched enthusiasm for success. I joined not only because I am passionate about about the technology and vision, but because Interana is a team that shares my deepest values."

"I've admired Christina for years, both as a leader and as a product visionary," said Ann Johnson, CEO, Interana. "She shares our founding vision that event data -- date with a timestamp -- holds the key to understanding how users behave and products are used, and that by empowering people with this understanding they can skyrocket their company's growth. She has a strong entrepreneurial background, having been part of the leadership at companies from stealth to IPO, and bringing an energy and enthusiasm that has invigorated every company she's joined."

This week, Noren and Interana co-founder, Lior Abraham, are on-site at O'Reilly Strata + Hadoop in San Jose. Attendees can visit with key executives, and receive a product demonstration, at booth #723. Additionally, Abraham will be speaking on Wed., Mar. 30 on, "How to hook up your event data for behavioral insights," highlighting how Tinder has reinvented its behavioral analytics approach with Interana. The session is from 11:50am - 12:30pm PT in LL21 C/D.

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Interana empowers businesses such as Microsoft, Tinder, Sonos, Imgur and others with a behavioral analytics solution for event data at massive scale. Interana is the key to unlocking insights that help companies build the right strategies to acquire new customers, deepen engagement and reduce churn. Interana makes these insights accessible to everyone in the organization with a truly self-service experience that fulfills the need for data-informed insights and access without complicated code. The Interana solution is self-service end-to-end; it answers questions about conversion, usage metrics, root cause analysis and more in seconds with behavior-based tools such as cohorts, funnels, metrics and sessions. The visual and interactive interface makes it quick and easy to ask questions across trillions of events, enabling effortless ad hoc answers to the dozens of important questions people have on a daily basis.

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