HOLLISTON, MA--(Marketwired - Mar 30, 2016) - Millibar, Inc. has introduced a new bar hole purger that features an integrated silencer to protect the operator and people nearby while searching for underground natural gas leaks. It runs at a quiet 85 dB, which is much quieter than other models which typically exceed 120 dB.

The Millibar BHP-375-G Bar Hole Purger provides an efficient and quiet way to search for underground natural gas leaks. Featuring a self-cleaning venturi vacuum pump and integrated silencer atop a 42" standpipe, this bar hole purger pulls a 28" Hg vacuum, and is capable of evacuating 28 cu.ft./min.

Operating on 80 psi compressed air, the Millibar BHP-375-G Bar Hole Purger has a twist claw coupling to a 1/2" air line, a 1/4 turn ball valve, and a stainless steel vacuum gauge with a 2" dial face. This bar hole purger is much quieter than other models which typically exceed 120 dB.

The Millibar BHP-375-G Bar Hole Purger sells for $279.00, is made in the USA, and the venturi vacuum pump and silencer assembly is guaranteed for life.

About Millibar, Inc.
Based on the idea that customers frequently need more than parts, Millibar, Inc. offers complete vacuum system design services and solutions integration from leading manufacturers, as well as custom manufactured products. Millibar's focus is to provide every customer exactly what they need. For example, to save labor and components by integrating functions into one assembly, reducing the overall number parts, conserving space, minimizing leaks, and providing a smarter looking solution.

Millibar, Inc. was founded by Brian Ferri, who learned vacuum technology working with his father, Dick Ferri, who founded Vaccon in 1972. Brian apprenticed with his father, producing the company's venturi designs from the time he was a young boy. While he was in college, his father suffered a heart attack, which required Brian to leave school for a semester to run the company. Brian's genuine interest in running a small business was forged by that pivotal moment. Millibar, Inc. was formed to bring intelligent vacuum solutions to global markets.

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