TAIPEI, TAIWAN--(Marketwired - Mar 29, 2016) - The Kaohsiung International Maritime & Defence Expo to be held in Kaohsiung City from August 25 - 28, 2016 will be the first international shipbuilding, marine and defence industry exhibition in Taiwan. The event host, Taiwan Shipbuilding Industry Association, has joined forces with military, industry specialists and academia experts in preparation for the event. Domestic and international exhibitors have been invited to showcase their quality and modern equipment in the hopes of energizing Taiwan's defence industry, stimulating investment and encouraging domestic and international orders. As well as promoting locally built marine vessels, the event will also promote international trade and inform the public of the shipbuilding industry's achievements, development and contribution to national defence and the maintenance of maritime rights. Taiwan Shipbuilding Industry Association is now cooperating with the Kaohsiung City Government on promoting the event. Exhibitor registration process is in full swing with enthusiastic responses from applicants.

Taiwan Shipbuilding Industry Event to Help Promote Government's Autonomous Self Defence Initiative and Revitalize National Defence

The maritime exhibition seeks to promote the government's initiative to assemble more defence vessels domestically. President-elect Tsai Ing-wen has repeatedly expressed the importance of autonomous national defence and has proposed a policy in line with this view. The policy included submarine fleet production to begin in 2016 and be fully operational within ten years.

This policy is projected to motivate industry experts, increase capital investment and accelerate technology development. Additionally, it is expected to boost civil-military cooperation. As well as encouraging industrial technology upgrades, there will be stimulated development of related fields, increased foreign investment, and new job opportunities. Academia is also expected to benefit from new areas of specialized and professional research.

Han Pi-Hsiang, chairman of the Taiwan Shipbuilding Industry Association, stated, "Our shipbuilding industry has a solid foundation and an outstanding history of domestic economic development and contribution. In the past, the government's autonomous defence policy has successfully boosted the development of aerospace industry, and the shipbuilding industry is looking forward to similar results from the government's long-term manufacturing program. The first Maritime Exhibition will gather all the resources that are needed for the success of this policy and the government should take action towards executing the policy in order to invigorate national defence and promote economic benefits."

Integration Of Maritime Technology And Platform Cultivation For International Exchange

Since 2014, Taiwan Shipbuilding Industry Association has been conducting field investigations on domestic manufacture equipment. It was discovered that while the manufacture of key equipment such as motors, electric control systems, and high pressure air compressors is done with an advanced level of manufacturing and design technology, but lacks an overall integration.

"Taiwan has the ability to develop our own maritime defence such as frigates, Tuo Jiang-class catamarans, corvettes and submarine pressure hulls. While the total output value of the defense vessel industry is low, there is room for development. The expansion is highly anticipated by the industry," Han Pi-Hsiang said. The exhibition will integrate multiple manufacturing and technology sectors, and seek more international cooperation opportunities.

Resource Integration Showcasing Key Equipment and Technologies

The organizers are in close communication with various government departments such as Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs, National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan Coast Guard Administration, Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Bureau of Foreign Trade and various foreign representative offices, who have respectively responded positively to participating in this great event.

The exhibition is divided into five main themes, namely, National Defence, Marine Machinery, Marine Engineering, Marine Communication Instrument and Green Port.

Various domestic ship manufacturers such as Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Ching Fu Shipbuilding Co., Ltd, CSBC Corporation Taiwan, Lung-Teh Shipbuilding Co., Ltd, and San Yang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd, have confirmed their attendance. The event organizers have also invited Raytheon Company, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems International Inc., Rolls-Royce International Limited and other leading international manufacturers and third party service providers to not only support technology integration but also showcase their latest technology and equipment.

An opening party will be held with the harbor view to welcome domestic, international guests and industry VIPs. Regular attendees will have access to National Defence Vessels, opening concerts, marching band performances, seminars, interactive displays, ship model and equipment display, along with other event highlights.

The event is a revolutionary step in the development of a new maritime era. A new chapter for the shipbuilding industry is now being written.

Kaohsiung International Maritime Defence Exhibition is now accepting exhibitors until May 20, 2016. Exhibitors, either domestic or international with expertise related to National Defence, Marine Machinery, Marine Engineering, Marine Communication Instrument and Green Port are welcomed to apply.

Full details of the exhibition are available in the official website For further information regarding the Kaohsiung International Maritime & Defence Expo, please contact Ms. Wu or Ms. Yang at (886) 07-238-0000#16, or email your queries to

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