DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES--(Marketwired - Mar 30, 2016) - Global Equity International, Inc. (OTCQB: GEQU) and its fully-owned subsidiary Global Equity Partners Plc. ("GEP" - a specialist consultancy firm with offices located in Dubai and London, are extremely excited to announce that on March 18, 2016, Granite Power Limited ("GPL" -, a company based in Sydney (Australia) has engaged our professional services to assist with sourcing, up to but not limited to, US15 million of capital funding for growth and expansion and also assist with a possible listing of the Company's shares on a public stock exchange.

Granite Power Limited is a power company delivering zero carbon emission electricity principally to remote and off the grid locations around the world, which is cheaper than conventional energy. Granite's customers benefit from significant savings and a reduced carbon footprint. The Company's innovative technology includes GRANEX. This technology is based on a globally patented implementation of the High Efficiency Organic Rankine Cycle (HEORC) by Granite Power. Basic ORC technology has been providing power to industry for over 50 years. Granite converts waste and low temperature heat to power more efficiently than with conventional ORC technology.

The Company's solutions also deliver an end-to-end technical/commercial offerings for green fields or retro fit projects and takes responsibility for every stage of the implementation and operation of their lower cost clean energy production technology -- with retro fitting having no impact or disruptions for the customers' business activities.

Granite Power delivers zero carbon emission energy to its customers, enabling them to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint and help them achieve environmental targets. It can either increase energy supply without an increase in genset fuel usage/costs, or enable the same level of energy output from a generation plant with significant fuel reductions. Either way, increased clean power with no increase in genset fuel usage.

The Defense sector has significant requirements for remote site electricity supplies. Forward and remote operating bases and airstrips require independent power typically supplied by diesel-fired generators. The supply is costly in terms of cash as well as risks to troops and equipment. Granite Power offers an electricity generation solution which significantly mitigates that power supply task. Ground breaking waste heat to power (WHP) technology developed in Australia has changed the paradigm. It features unique innovations which produce more electricity from the same energy source such as a diesel reciprocating engine on which most bases rely. The GRANEX unit can also utilize heat from burning waste material to supply a portion of the site's power requirements. The Company takes responsibility for energy modeling, custom design, and construction of the plant, delivery to the forward or main support base, installation, commissioning and operation.

The Granite Power waste heat recovery solution is ordinarily contained within standard shipping container sizes and is designed to be deployable efficiently. It can also be fitted with air cooling, meaning no cooling water is required, making it suitable for dry and arid locations where water is in short supply.

In the Marine sector, despite gains in diesel engine and gas turbine technology, there is a limit to how long a vessel can remain at sea before refueling. Energy modeling carried out by Granite Power can enable vessels to extend their range by over 10%; ships operating with gas turbines can have their range extended by up to 25%. The GRANEX units are very compact and lighter making it a very real solution to be retrofitted to ships, especially military vessels that have limited space available.

Global Equity Partners Plc. have agreed with Granite Power Limited, an initial cash retainer and also a cash and equity success fee.

Partick Dolan, Managing Director of Global Equity International Inc., said, "We are delighted to be engaged by Granite Power Limited. The potential for this company to be a long-term player on a global landscape is massive in our opinion, as power is a necessity all over the world and green energy is a must in this day and age. Additionally, Granite Power have an enormous and significant commercial upside and are very close to executing agreements in both the Defense and Government sectors."

Stephen de Belle, CEO of Granite Power Limited, said, "This is an important step forward. This relationship with Global Equity Partners puts us on a bigger, more prominent stage, which will assist with both sales and fund raising. Global Equity Partners understand our space in the market and their support will be the key to assisting with the capital fund raising we require to address the pipeline of projects we currently have in hand."

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