NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Mar 31, 2016) - Balabit, Inc. (, a leading provider of contextual security technologies, today announced that its user monitoring solution, Shell Control Box (SCB), is available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace and listed among other public cloud security applications. SCB 4 F2 offers extended support of Microsoft Azure public cloud platform and is now easily accessible and deployable within hours not just for large enterprises but for SMBs as well. The new version, which was showcased at the RSA Conference 2016 in San Francisco, enables enterprises to audit the activity of privileged users across their on-premise and cloud environments to prevent insider threats and data breaches.

"We have started our journey to the cloud and the integration of our flagship product Shell Control Box into Microsoft Azure is the first milestone on this journey," said Csaba Krasznay, Product Manager of Shell Control Box, Balabit. "Worrying about data security issues is still a bottleneck of cloud adoption, but this is what we are going to change together: to make the cloud a safer place by providing real-time monitoring of user activities and enabling organisations to alert or block malicious actions before they are executed. The new version of SCB has deep integration with Balabit's User Behavior Analytics (UBA) tool, Blindspotter, which supports the building of user profiles based on the activity information gathered by SCB even in the cloud."

"Microsoft's built-in security technologies, and those of our partners, work together to deliver a holistic, agile, security platform for your enterprise," said Andrea Simándi, Senior Attorney at Microsoft-Hungary. "Customers can improve their security posture, today, by moving to the cloud, adopting modern platforms and embracing comprehensive identity, security and management solutions. Through its investments in technology, practices and principles, Microsoft is doing more than any other company to earn customers' trust in the cloud. Today, 80 percent of the Fortune 500 businesses are using Microsoft Azure and an increasing number of businesses join every day to address opportunities in building scalable and reliable Big Data, Enterprise, Gaming, Mobile, Parallel, SaaS and Web apps. We welcome Balabit, one of the first European security vendors to support Microsoft Azure."

About Shell Control Box, a core component of Contextual Security Intelligence Suite
SCB controls high-risk privileged access to remote IT systems, records activities in searchable, movie-like audit trails, and prevents malicious actions. The new version enables enterprises to audit the activity of privileged users across the physical and virtual computing environments, and helps to secure their public cloud infrastructure by knowing "who is doing what" across the entire network in real-time. As a user monitoring tool, SCB is a core component of Contextual Security Intelligence™ Suite that integrates leading log management, privileged user monitoring and user behaviour analytics solutions to prevent data breaches without constraining business.

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About Balabit
Balabit, headquartered in Luxembourg, is a leading provider of contextual security technologies with the mission of preventing data breaches without constraining business. Balabit operates globally through a network of local offices across the United States and Europe together with partners.

Balabit's Contextual Security Intelligence™ Suite protects organizations in real-time from threats posed by the misuse of high risk and privileged accounts. Solutions include reliable system and application Log Management with context enriched data ingestion, Privileged User Monitoring and User Behavior Analytics. Together they can identify unusual user activities and provide deep visibility into potential threats. Working in conjunction with existing control-based strategies Balabit enables a flexible and people-centric approach to improve security without adding additional barriers to business practices.

Founded in 2000 Balabit has a proven track record including 23 Fortune 100 customers amongst over 1,000,000 corporate users worldwide. For more information, visit

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