MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - Mar 31, 2016) - Vapor Group, Inc. (OTCQB: VPOR), (the "Company"), announced today that it is continuing to focus on importing and marketing cutting edge electronic products (other than e-cigarettes and vaporizers) -- a strategy that it began last fall with the Whizboard brand of scooters, a product whose sales and distribution grew explosively over the year-end holidays and which continues to sell well today. The latest cutting edge electronic product that the Company will acquired the rights to import and market nationally is a "product family" of self-contained, highly efficient indoor hydroponic herb growing systems that can grow from one to six plants or herbs with ease and with little purchaser attention. (To see a prototype product, go to The systems, initially 4 in all, are being developed specifically for Vapor Group and include unique, adjustable, low energy LED growth lighting systems. Suggested retail prices will be from $299.00 and up. The Company will have significant quantities of each of the systems available for immediate shipment within about a month, and has begun reaching out to its wholesale accounts across the country.

Dror Svorai, President and CEO, said, "Last summer we shifted focus by beginning to import and resell electronic products nationally. Our first such product, the "Whizboard", put us firmly into this business both at retail and wholesale. Now, we are expanding this strategy with the marketing of a series of cutting edge electronic, hydroponic systems." He added, "It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that the e-cigarette/vaporizer business has matured. Since we are committed to drive revenue growth and protect aggregate gross margins, it was imperative that we expand our offerings beyond vapor-related products. This strategy provides us with immense flexibility and the ability to augment our product offering rapidly with quality, cutting edge products that are fun to use. We think over time, this strategy will significantly redefine our business as it builds volume sales in new product categories and in new market areas."

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Vapor Group, Inc.,, is in the business of designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality, vaporizers and e-cigarette brands which use state-of-the-art electronic technology and specially formulated, high purity "Made in the USA" e-liquids that are formulated with and without nicotine. These products are sold under the Vapor Group, Total Vapor, Vapor 123 and Vapor Products brands. The Company, through its subsidiary, Smart Wheels, Inc. also markets the cutting-edge "Whizboard" brand of scooters. All Vapor Group products are sold nationwide through distributors and directly to consumers through its own websites. Vapor Group also owns and operates VGR Media, Inc., a full service interactive advertising agency. Total Vapor Inc., Vapor 123 Inc., Vapor Products, Inc., VGR Media, Inc. and Smart Wheels, Inc., Florida corporations, are all wholly-owned subsidiaries of Vapor Group, Inc.

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