SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 31, 2016) - Today,, a leading provider of enterprise-grade job processing solutions, announced it is working with Intel to enhance platform-awareness in its software solution. This allows to match workloads to the underlying infrastructure best suited for optimal performance. will use Intel's snap project, an open source telemetry framework, which collects and exposes platform information and metrics, to route workloads to the appropriate platform. For example, an encryption workload is best run on an Intel platform optimized for Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard - New Instructions, while scientific, financial and media processing that benefits from Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 2 would be placed on platforms optimized for those instructions. By leveraging snap, will allow customers to best utilize their existing infrastructure and lower their total cost of ownership.

The new Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 product family featuring Intel® Resource Director Technology (Intel RDT) provides real-time metrics from the processor and allows a deeper understanding and control of the performance of the shared CPU cache. The solution will use Intel RDT to measure cache utilization using Intel® Cache Monitoring Technology (CMT) and isolate resources via Intel® Cache Allocation Technology (CAT) to provide maximum performance, while minimizing interference between jobs.

Automatically directing workloads to the best-fit CPUs will significantly increase the speed of execution, while eliminating the need to manually direct workloads. Furthermore, using snap to acquire workload characteristics using Intel® RDT allows for automated optimization of current and future workloads.

"This new automated workload flow management will leverage the latest Intel hardware features and's Docker-based microservices architecture to deliver a seamless experience to enterprise developers. It will enable containerized workloads to be optimized across a pool of compute resources on any cloud or hybrid environment," said CEO and Co-founder Chad Arimura. "This collaboration with Intel will enable performance results previously unseen in workload-aware computing environments."

"Platform awareness will provide customers with tangible performance improvements on existing and new hardware," said Jonathan Donaldson, vice president of Software Defined Infrastructure Group, Intel Cloud Platforms Group. "Solutions such as's that use snap, will provide a new level of visibility into data center resources. This automated process will help developers to do what they do best -- develop applications, while's intelligent workload distribution will use the infrastructure to its fullest."

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