SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 1, 2016) - Chatmeter (, the leading provider of Local SEO and review management, has released a new study today indicating tremendous progress that automotive dealers have made over the last several years. The company has put together a study on dealership reputation in the automotive industry in order to present relative statistics on how the industry is evolving. Some key findings include:

  • The average dealer in the US has around 322 reviews. Of those reviews, 76% are 5 star reviews and only 12% are 1 star reviews. 
  • Dealerships receive 20% more reviews per month than just 1 year ago. 
  • Dealers focusing on improving reputations have had a direct impact on search engine rankings as well. Dealerships that are using Chatmeter's platform have seen an increase of page 1 rankings of 16% in just the last year alone. This means more online leads converted and more revenue for dealers.

Over the years, Chatmeter has worked tirelessly to build a user friendly interface that provides dealers and agency partners the information and ability to act quickly to manage their incoming reviews, business listings, social presence, consumer pictures, and search engine rankings (page 1 presence). Along the way, they have become the leader in rooftop reputation and local search engine optimization (Google Maps, Yelp, DealerRater, etc.). Out of the 15,000+ dealers monitored on the Chatmeter network the average dealer login is up to 1.2 times per day. With premier partners like Autotrader and many other industry leading agencies, Chatmeter has become one of the largest automotive local SEO platforms in the US and Canada.

"I am pleased to share the exciting progress that the industry is making over the last few years. It is essential that dealerships monitor their online visibility, reviews, and reputation now that today's car buyer is more digital than ever. Chatmeter's constant drive to be the industry leader on technology and adoption enables us to make a distinct impact on increasing dealership traffic to rooftops with an effective Local SEO and reputation strategy. We have many testimonials of happy customers that are seeing the real effect of increased revenues, which is very exciting that we can have this level of impact" -- said Collin Holmes, Founder and CEO of Chatmeter.

In order to visually represent all of the data in the study, Chatmeter has created an infographic that can be found here. All of the information in the infographic has been sourced from the Chatmeter platform since 2010.

About Chatmeter

Chatmeter helps enterprise retail brands and agencies managing multiple locations increase their revenue. Since being the first Local Reputation platform in 2009, they now analyze and improve over 500,000 storefronts for their reviews, rankings and listings.

They help retailers make a distinct impact in revenue by identifying several areas in their online presence that drives customers to choose their stores over competitors. Chatmeter takes this a step further with the only integrated local visibility rank tracker so you can measure ROI using the most complete local presence management platform in the world.

The benefit for the clients is complete online presence management simplified into a single platform. They also power a white-label reputation management platform for many agencies across the U.S.

Some clients include Autotrader, Sears, Comcast, Aaron's, Bruegger's Bagels, Texas de Brazil, and Dickey's BBQ.

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