SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA--(Marketwired - Mar 31, 2016) - JoongAng Sunday announced today 34 Winners of '2016 The Greatest Executive Leadership of the Year'.

Hosted by JoongAngilbo and JoongAng Sunday, and sponsored by JTBC-TV, Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning, and Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, '2016 The Greatest Executive Leadership of the Year' has been awarding innovative executive leadership in the last 8 years.

The award is given to those executives who demonstrated superior vision, strategy, philosophy, leadership, results, and branding in their organizations.

JoongAng Sunday hosted the award ceremony on March 22nd at Millennium Hilton Hotel in Seoul attended by the award winners and their family members.

The following is the list of award winners:

Woo-Hyun, Jung (Chairman / MPK Group, lnc.)
Seung-Hee, Ham (CEO / Kangwon Land, Inc.)
Sung-Hee, Kang (President / CLK Corporation)
Yea-Woong, Yoon (President / Jeil Construction Co., Ltd.)
Won-Suk, Oh (CEO / Korea Fuel Tech Corporation)
Sang-Kwon, Lee (President / Korea Electrical Safety Corporation)
Chul-Hong, Choi (President / Boram Sangjo - Boram Mutual Aid Co., Ltd.)
Sang-Hyuk, Lee (CEO / Yello Mobile)
Young-Chul, Kim (CEO / Jeju Special Self-governing Province Development Corporation) 
Im-Rae, Cho (Chairman / Cosmecca Korea Co., Ltd.)
Un-Ha, Roh (CEO / Panasonic Korea, Ltd.)
Young-Joo, Choi (Chairman & CEO / Panko Corporation) 
Hak-Song, Kim (CEO / Korea Expressway Corporation)
Seok, Cho (President / Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.)
Bo-Seang, Park (Mayor / Gimcheon City) 
Yun-Hwan, Ko (Mayor / Mungyeong City) 
Gi-Woo, Lee (President / JEI University) 
Chung-Sik, Kim (Governor / Changnyeong County) 
Choong-Gon, Koo (Governor / Hwasun County)
Jae-Sik, Choi (Chairman / Government Employees Pension Service)
Jae-Kap, Lee (Chairman / Korea Workers' Compensation & Welfare Service) 
Gun-Woo, Do (President / Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone Authority) 
Byung-Soo, Suh (Mayor / Busan Metropolitan City)
Gyu-Eon, Sim (Mayor / Donghae City)
Chan-Min, Jung (Mayor / Yongin City)
Joo-Soo, Kim (Governor / Uiseong County)
Nam-Ho, Lee (President / Chonbuk National University)
Chang-Hee, Lee (Mayor / Jinju City)
Sang-Ki, Han (Governor / Taean County) 
Gang-Duk, Lee (Mayor / Pohang City)
Ki-Young, Kim (President / Korea University of Technology & Education)
Myung-Jin, Park (Chairperson / Arts Council Korea)
Jong-In, Lee (Chairman / Korea Radioactive Waste Agency)
Jeong-Seop, Cha (Governor / Haman County)

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