OREM, UT--(Marketwired - Apr 4, 2016) - The break through marketing firm of the year, Profit Marketing Solutions, had its grand opening January 11th and has already lived up to its name for their national clients. Proving the company is invested in the future of their clients, Joshua Johnson, Director of Operations announces 2016 expansion goals and more.

Joshua, former Colorado University of Boulder football and basketball player recently acquired two of the top Fortune 100 clients through his new company, Profit Marketing Solutions. Joshua admits the future is bright for the organization as his management team begins to align 2016 goals with the recently released projections.

Throughout 2016, Profit Marketing Solutions plans to expand twice in the Midwest, tripling the footprint of their clients in the area. In order to achieve these goals, Joshua explains, "We, as a team, must focus on the development of future leaders in the organization. We have to consistently strive to do better and beat previously held records. These goals are definitely attainable, with the right team and leadership within the company."

Profit Marketing Solutions is seeking 5 Promotional Marketing Representatives who are eager for an opportunity to grow, both personally and professionally. "We want to mold individuals to be successful leaders and business managers. We are seeking adventure capitalists and entrepreneurs who have a thirst for more," explains Joshua.

The company provides a merit based business model in which hard work is rewarded. Through this business and training model, the fundamentals of business management are taught. These fundamentals include interpersonal communication, leadership, collaboration and team building, campaign coordination, sales and marketing techniques and progressive management responsibilities.

Joshua explains the opportunity that Profit Marketing Solutions offers as, "The completely opposite of what corporate America offers." He goes on to say, "We have the unique ability to have talented entry level individuals work alongside employees with ten years of experience, and see both individuals grow in a personal and a professional sense. We are able to start from scratch or wipe the slate clean because of the structure of our business. I truly have never come across a more unique opportunity."

The team atmosphere and competitive nature radiates through the office as Joshua wraps up a morning meeting and sets up the game plan for the day. With energy and excitement flowing through the newly opened office, the future is bright for Profit Marketing Solutions and their management team.

For more information on employment opportunities, visit them at www.profitmarketingsolutions.com.

Contact Information:

Contact Information:
Profit Marketing Solutions
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