HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Apr 4, 2016) - VerteCore Technologies (http://vertecore.com) announced that it will be launching a $65,000 Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on April 7th to bring a new high-tech, spinal decompression medical device to a global market of patients that suffer from chronic lower back pain caused by compressed spinal intervertebral discs that rupture and put painful pressure on spinal nerve roots.

The new patent-pending VerteCore Lift has been evaluated and peer-reviewed by a wide range of medical doctors that see the Class 1, FDA-cleared medical device as a tremendous step forward in providing a more effective solution at treating many different forms of low back pain including degenerative disc disease, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, sciatica, spinal lumbar stenosis, functional scoliosis, bulging and herniated discs.

As the name implies, the Lift effectively stretches or decompresses the spine and allows the ruptured annulus fibrosus of intervertebral discs to go through a process known as "resorption," which means when pressure is relieved, it allows the ruptured disc's nucleus pulposus to retreat back inside the annulus fibrosus thus decreasing pressure on spinal nerve roots which cause low back pain.

Unlike other large medical decompression equipment that costs up to $125,000 each and requires patients to make numerous expensive and time-consuming doctor visits, the VerteCore Lift only costs $599 to $1,199. And it is a much more convenient and cost effective solution than undergoing painful, expensive and sometimes unsuccessful spinal fusion surgeries that fail to eliminate back pain.

The VerteCore Lift is a compact, lightweight device that can be used to treat back pain conveniently, while on-the-go during a patient's normal daily routine. Since it already has a Class 1, FDA clearance it can be sold directly to back pain patients without a medical prescription for only $599.

On a larger scale, medical doctors, chiropractors, orthopedists, and neurosurgeons can also purchase the clinical VerteCore Lift for an investment of only $1,199. Usage of this innovative new device will enhance the Doctors scope of treatments offered to patients, especially those seeking to explore non-surgical options. Doctors may charge for a 20-30 minute session using the Lift, or they can be leased to patients so that they take a Lift home and use it during their normal daily activities.

The goal of the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is sell 100 to 1,000 VerteCore Lifts to doctors, hospitals, and chronic back pain patients in order to let people experience what truly mobile spinal decompression feels like for the first time. All units come with 100% money-back guarantee if the recipient is not genuinely impressed with the Lift's ability to reduce their lower back pain. Judging from customer testimonials to date, everyone that tries a VerteCore Lift on wants to buy one regardless of cost.

The first 500 hundred units that are sold during the crowdfunding campaign will receive an early bird 40% discount. Visit https://vertecorelift.wordpress.com/crowdfunding/ to see pictures, videos or to make an early bird reservation to receive the 40% discount via email. 

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