MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - April 4, 2016) - LIFT Digital Inc., the developers of LIFT Session, and Pro Health Group, Canada's leading corporate wellness provider, announced today a partnership to offer online fitness training to corporate customers across Canada. Employees will be able connect and train with LIFT certified coaches online through computers, iPads, tablets and Smart TVs.

Employee wellness is a top priority for employers as it has a direct impact on company culture, competitiveness, productivity and employee retention. Most employers partner to offer typical fitness services, such as discounted gym memberships or online fitness videos, but studies shows these approaches fail in delivering results. LIFT session was created to remove all challenges related to fitness training: location, time, work/life balance, budget & psychology. Members can train from home, on-the-road or even at work with live coaches delivering fitness sessions on-demand.

"With LIFT, the benefits to our customers and their employees are beyond what any other service can offer in the market," said Geneviève Babin, Vice President of Pro Health Group. "LIFT session is literally addictive - a real coach available according to your schedule, training you at your location of choice and on your device of choice with specific programs according to your goals at the fraction of the cost of a gym. Our customers are thrilled with the arrival of this new service that will direct result on their employees."

"We are beyond excited to partner with Pro Health Group to offer LIFT sessions to their customers", said Raffi Tchakmakjian, co-CEO at LIFT Digital Inc. "We've seen a staggering adoption rate of LIFT in corporate environments and we believe our partnership with Pro Health Group will accelerate this even further. LIFT session is frictionless for employers to deploy: no upfront costs, simple to use, delivers results and is available across all of North America."

Pro Health Group is currently offering LIFT Session to its customers through its Employee and family assistance programs (EFAP), or simply with bulk rate pricing.

About Pro Health Group

Founded in 1996, Pro Health Group is a corporate wellness provider that offers comprehensive expertise in mental and physical health to hundreds of firms across Canada. Our range of services and activities are built around timely interventions with an accent on prevention, and span from EFAPs, health checks, health profiles and fitness evaluations to interactive booths, workshops and Go Healthy challenges.

About LIFT Digital Inc.

LIFT launched in early 2015 with the goal of making top fitness coaching accessible to anyone. Through our critically acclaimed live online LIFT sessions, we enable anyone access to customized fitness training, from any location and on-demand. Our members enjoy the most efficient, challenging, fun and safe fitness programs built for their needs, whether training for a competition, preparing for an event like a wedding, looking to shed a few pounds before summer time, or just looking to de-stress from work.

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