DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Apr 5, 2016) - Canna Security America (CSA) (OTCQB: CSAX), announces they have entered into a strategic alliance with Ms. Mary Staffing, a full service payroll and HR agency serving the cannabis industry in Colorado and several other states. This new alliance will integrate Ms. Mary Staffing's broad array of administrative services with The Cloverton Group's armored transport services providing the industry with added efficiencies, convenience's and safety.

The Cloverton Group, a division of CSA, is a comprehensive security provider with the most advanced technology and procedures designed specifically for the cannabis industry. Utilizing a new clandestine, up-armored Mercedes-Benz van fleet, all aspects of every armored transport transaction are recorded in HD video allowing The Cloverton Group to be a compliance intermediary with regulatory reporting for full traceability. In addition to armored transport, The Cloverton Group also offers armed and unarmed guards, comprehensive background checks and banking assistance. These services are in addition to CSA's established systems security offerings since 2009 of alarm systems, video surveillance, access control, and licensing consulting all specifically for the cannabis industry.

When staff is needed, Ms. Mary Staffing are the experts to turn to in matching the ideal candidate with the ideal position. They also offer payroll solutions and employee related compliance; workers' comp, unemployment insurance, state and federal taxes, benefit plans, employee policies, handbooks, and HR consulting.

Stephen Sullivan, President of Ms. Mary Staffing, said, "The value we provide to our clients is what sets us apart from the competition. If you're short-staffed, we can help you find the personnel you need, short-term or long-term, to keep your business running smoothly. We provide all the benefits of having an HR Department at a fraction of the cost. We handle the aspects of your business that may not be your favorite pieces so you can focus on what you do best."

Signe Martin, The Cloverton Group's Director of Sales, said, "We've invested in technology and procedures that our competitors have never heard of. We have the ideal staff, we're utilizing the best equipment and vehicles and we've laid the groundwork for the highest standards that our clients have been waiting for. A partnership with Ms. Mary Staffing is ideal, we're both ancillary businesses that are great at what we do -- a perfect pair."

About Canna Security America (CSA)

As the national leading cannabis security firm since 2009, CSA, headquartered in Denver, CO., knows where risk points exist for cannabis businesses, and how to tailor services to ensure maximum loss prevention and legal compliance. By assisting Colorado regulators in drafting the security requirements, CSA was has been a pioneer in the industry since the beginning and is now assisting numerous states with their cannabis security compliance and regulations.

In 2015, CSA announced the release of their physical security solutions division, The Cloverton Group, offering armored transport, onsite guards, banking assistance, and employee background checks. A new fleet of clandestine Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vehicles have been up-armored with the latest bullet-resistant technology, are GPS tracked, and equipped with the a 4-point camera system that transmits live streaming footage to the command center at HQ. This guarantees total traceability from pickup to drop-off and has become the standard for high-level banking compliance within the cannabis industry.

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About Ms. Mary Staffing

Ms. Mary Staffing is a cannabis staffing agency with flexible and temporary staffing options. Founded in 2014, it was evident that the cannabis industry needed to leverage the services of a staffing company to gain simplified access to qualified staff.
If a cannabis business is short-staffed and needs qualified, trustworthy people on short notice, Ms Mary cannabis staffing agency has all the personnel needed. They find the best candidates and screen them rigorously to confirm they're perfect for the job. Ms. Mary Staffing's broad array of administrative services for the cannabis industry goes beyond staffing; they also specialize in payroll solutions, workers' comp, unemployment insurance, state and federal taxes, benefit plans, employee policies, handbooks, and HR consulting.

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