LEWISBURG, PA--(Marketwired - Apr 5, 2016) - Playworld, a leading playground equipment manufacturer committed to saving outdoor unstructured play, today announced the launch of QuBits, climbing structures that recreate the simplicity and intuitiveness of building blocks on the playground for younger children. Designed for barrier-free play, QuBits invites and challenges children to evaluate risk and regulate play on their own terms.

"QuBits pack high-value play and discovery into a wonderfully approachable environment," said Michael Laris, chief product officer for Playworld. "The easily understood block shapes and creative construction encourage a multitude of movements and help develop gross motor skills and balance. They also add versatile, appealing play experiences to any space, making them a highly efficient and affordable way to incorporate new block-based fun into any playground."

QuBits allow children ages 2-5 to maintain three points of contact during climbing. The structures foster imaginative play and create social opportunities for kids to work together, establish rules, manage conflict and learn. With a maximum height of 4' (1,22m), QuBits are also parent- and caregiver-friendly. Adults have a place to sit, talk and relax while being directly in the center of play, allowing them to interact with kids easily.

The QuBits designs are precisely engineered for optimal playability. The raised, molded texture on the top of each cube offers slip resistance along with just enough irregular surfacing for confidence-building challenge and self-paced exploration. Built-in hand holds along the cube edge present many graspable areas that encourage activities such as climbing, balancing and leaning.

QuBits are available in a variety of scalable configurations. These durable products can be used as climbing components on traditional playground structures. They can also be used to create amazing, independent, free-standing structures, which can also be play-functionally linked to other playground elements in the form of ground-to-deck steppers and bridges between platform climbers.

QuBits are perfect for your playspace. To learn more, please visit playworld.com or contact Jennifer Leckstrom at 215-681-0770 or jleckstrom@rosecomm.com.

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