SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 5, 2016) - Demandforce today introduces Fast Sync Technology, a free feature upgrade that ensures users never again send outdated appointment reminders to their clients.

Fast Sync Technology greatly increases the frequency that data from a user's business management system is synchronized with Demandforce. Syncs happen as frequent as every five minutes -- faster than any other competing solution.

When a Demandforce customer's client changes an existing appointment, that information is updated in the business management system. If that customer were to use a solution that didn't sync as frequently as Demandforce, an outdated reminder might be sent to the client because of infrequent syncs between the two systems.

"It's crucial for our users that their reminders go out to their clients at the right time, every time," said John Nebergall, General Manager at Demandforce. "Fast Sync Technology is one way Demandforce is leading the charge in enabling our users to access the most reliable and real-time information about their clients. Highly accurate appointment reminders give our users not only peace of mind, but also a major competitive advantage."

Fast Sync Technology will be rolled out to Demandforce users automatically over the coming weeks. Demandforce users can request the upgrade immediately by contacting Demandforce at (877) 754-6583.

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