VAN NUYS, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 6, 2016) - The marketing firm, Jazzy Management Group Inc., has made a splash in the Van Nuys market in California for their rapid expansion in the first quarter. The company, which specializes in direct marketing strategy and customer acquisitions, attributes much of its success to the leadership of Operations Director, Jason Devlin. As a manager, Devlin believes that the best companies are the ones that invest in their biggest resource -- their employees. As such, he has announced Jazzy Management Group's intent to meet 2016 expansion goals by promoting managers from within, starting with Assistant Director James Alvarez.

When asked about why he is pushing for forward momentum at this time, Devlin stressed his need to help the individuals on his team grow alongside the company. He asserted, "We all want as many choices in life as possible. We understand that the more growth, the more negatives we can turn into positives. The money we make in this expansion will grant us as many choices in life, including where our kids go to school, the food we eat, or zip code we live in. We all genuinely care about each other's success and support each other through the ups and downs." It is clear that Jazzy Management Group has leaders who invest in their employees to help them build a better business and a better life.

Recently, Jazzy Management Group promoted James Alvarez to the Operations Director role on March 31, 2016. When asked about the characteristics that made him successful, Alvarez asserted, "I believe hard work, a great attitude, willingness to learn, and the overall craving for success will allow you to become successful and assist you with building a team." Having mentored with Devlin, Alvarez started at the bottom and worked his way to the top by being a business partner rather than an employee at Jazzy Management Group. The company's first priority is to develop employees who do the right things by putting client experience first and being accountable to the company's high standards.

Another top leader, Norris Spivey, who has received national recognition as a top producer for six weeks in a row, chimed in on the company's management training system. As a former business owner, Spivey saw the opportunity at Jazzy Management Group and approached the company's internal development system with an open mind. He asserted, "I ran many businesses prior to coming on board at Jazzy Management, but I struggled with organizational skills. Through the training and consistent education, I have improved my organizational skills one hundred and ten percent." His experience demonstrates the diversity that this marketing team relies on to be successful overall. No matter what background an employee has before coming to Jazzy Management Group, that individual has to be willing to listen, learn, and be solutions-focused to best serve their clients and grow with the company long term.

Jazzy Management Group also provides event incentives for employees who are leading the charge to develop client brands and increase client footprints. Devlin spoke about his favorite team night with the company's cellular experts, stating, "I just took my top guys to the Clippers vs Thunder NBA game." He affirmed that events like this allow them to create a tight-knit community, encourage a competitive office atmosphere, and celebrate their combined victories of the week.

This year, Operations Director, Devlin, plans on promoting four additional Directors to help Jazzy Management Solutions dominate the Van Nuys Market. When asked about the core values that he looks for in potential managers and employees, Devlin stated that the company is scouting for individuals with a positive attitude, student mentality, and an unfailing work ethic. For those interested in finding out more about the company, visit them online at

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