ITASCA, IL--(Marketwired - April 06, 2016) - Bectran's Sharath Venkata, VP of Technology and Eric Lee, Business Development Manager had the opportunity of exhibiting and sponsoring the Spring 2016 CMA CreditScape. Focused on "The Efficient Digital Credit Department," professionals from Sysco Foods, Equinix, Watsco, Jackson Family Wines, SRS Distribution, Ganal Lumber, and Walters Wholesale to name a few, shared in detail some of the successes achieved by going digital. The credit professionals also shared their collective experiences of internally selling new technology adoptions up the chain of commands in the organizational hierarchy. 

"Having such a well-respected peer speak on behalf of your product offers such real world and hands on insight that can only be experienced by a platform user." - Eric Lee, Business Development Manager

Many of the takeaways from the meeting included: identifying opportunities that justify the decision to adopt automation and digital approach, determining the underlying ROI and other benefits, and reviewing case studies of successful implementation. The credit professionals also discussed hot items in the credit world including international business risk and smartphone credit apps. The session rounded off with an exciting look into the future where Credit Personnel imagined what technology could bring to the future of their credit departments in a credit themed Shark Tank.

The conference also hosted several networking events held in the beautiful Newport Beach that allowed credit professionals to review their processes with many of the industry experts with cross learning of newer insights from experts and peers.

Bectran, the industry leading SaaS platform, has grown rapidly over the last five years to become the companion toolkit for the Credit Department just as CRM is for the Sales Department. From simple to complex organizations, SMEs to Fortune 500 companies, Bectran has helped companies cut down the time to process and approve credit by over 90% whilst significantly lowering the risk of credit defaults and the cost of collections. Their customers enjoy the ease, speed, and cost-effectiveness of adopting the Bectran platform. New clients are on-boarded in matter of days and weeks. Credit Professionals in various industries have described the Bectran platform as the future of the credit department. Recently, Bectran was recognized as a top innovator in the credit software industry.

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