NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - April 06, 2016) - Acronym, the largest independent AdAge Top 10 Search Marketing agency, has reinforced its top agency status, this time in the latest Forrester Wave, a 23-criteria evaluation of 10 best-performing search marketing providers.

The report, part of which is based on Forrester's direct contact with Acronym clients, states, "Acronym brings a consulting-partner model rather than an agency-feel to this evaluation" and Forrester's analysts learned that clients "love" the agency's "hands-on approach." The research firm rated the Empire State Building-headquartered agency as a Strong Performer "due to accessible account management, executive involvement in account strategy, and its emphasis on mapping and influencing critical moments along the often complex and fragmented customer path to purchase."

Forrester's evaluations and interviews rank Acronym with the highest possible scores (5 out of 5) across a number of categories, including:

  • Results
  • Account Management
  • Tools and Technology
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Reporting Flexibility
  • Multichannel Correlation
  • Organic Visibility
  • Quality of Work
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Geographic Traction

"Our business is all about our clients. And we thank them for their honest evaluation and high scores," said Michael Bruh, Acronym's President and COO. "During the past five years alone we have invested $10 million in further advancing our proprietary business intelligence platform to become the most sophisticated intent and content mapping technology in the industry. One of the coolest features for large, enterprise clients is our ability to bring together almost every paid and organic search metric side-by-side, something everyone in search has been asking for and no one else can deliver. It's clear our clients appreciate our unique technology and we understand why we scored so highly in the tools and technology category."

Acronym CMO Mike Grehan credited Acronym's clients for being adventurous early adopters in new approaches and techniques. "We're enormously grateful for the hugely positive feedback Forrester received from our clients," Grehan said. "As we evolve through a process of digital marketing transformation, much of the received wisdom is undergoing reconsideration. In this time of the connected consumer, we need to think less about the connections between machines and devices, and more about the human connections. Our intent-based marketing framework helps our clients' prospects connect with not just relevant but useful content during key 'micro-moments' on the path to purchase. This consultancy based approach, backed with our proprietary intent-mapping technology, invigorates clients and fosters innovation for newer strategic approaches to search and discovery marketing."

As primary motivators for digital marketing transformation, Acronym works closely with clients to introduce intent-based digital marketing best practice. Acronym has been a pioneer in the search marketing industry since before Google existed. With years of experience developing marketing technology to streamline and automate systems and processes, the maximum ROI possible is achieved on behalf of clients.

About the Forrester Wave™

The Forrester Wave™ aims to help marketing professionals pinpoint consistently outperforming market leaders in customer discovery, such as SEO, paid search, biddable media, and technology. The study was focused in its scope on digital agencies possessing strong market presence and comprehensive search marketing offerings, and specializing in servicing large, enterprise clients.

About Acronym:

Founded in 1995, headquartered in Manhattan's Empire State Building, with offices in London and Singapore, Acronym is a global leader in intent-based marketing solutions. Acronym blends proprietary technology and human ingenuity to help enterprise brands leverage customer intelligence to maximize ROI. The company's intent-based solutions -- including paid search, SEO, social media and digital analytics -- create personalized experiences that drive better results, incremental revenue and smarter marketing campaigns.

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