NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 7, 2016) - On the heels of its public launch in December, Dispel announced today that it has bolstered its Privacy-as-a-Service offering with access now available on Android devices and Linux operating systems. Built on the company's proprietary ephemeral network that encrypts and anonymizes digital communications and Internet traffic, Dispel protects a user's content, identity and location from being hacked, tracked or profiled. The new availability on Android meets enterprise demand for mobility protection while access on Linux makes sophisticated corporate networks un-attributable.

Dispel's latest offering provides Android users, who make up 80 percent of the global smartphone market, mobile perimeter security with unique capabilities to prevent breaches and reduce downtime. Targeted endpoint attacks disrupt communications and can expose company and client data, with potentially serious intellectual property loss and reputational damage for a company. Dispel is committed to creating security solutions that are easy to use and manage -- after downloading the application, Android users will be able to turn on Dispel's mobile privacy features simply by hitting a green button. Once activated, Dispel's small, emblematic owl will appear on the status bar, signaling that the program is running in the background. Dispel's Android service will protect all data coming off of a phone, including voice and video data, messages, Internet, email and applications.

Dispel for Android will be of no extra charge to its monthly subscribers, who pay between $19 and $199 a month for Dispel's various subscription tiers. Usage will tie into the total data a customer has purchased per month. It is available today on Google Play for existing subscribers with Android versions 4.2 and higher.

Responding to increased requests to protect sophisticated corporate networks, Dispel has expanded upon its Invisible Computers offering through the launch of its signature Invisible Connections for Linux Debian and Ubuntu systems. Using Invisible Connections, a user's online connections are encrypted and anonymized, protecting identity, location and content. Dispel's Invisible Computers offering provides users a virtual machine and desktop that is destroyed once the session is complete, granting protection from malware and ransomware. When using an Invisible Computer, local data is separated from the device itself, providing an extra layer of security for sensitive information and IP.

"Encryption alone isn't enough to protect your data," said Ethan Schmertzler, CEO of Dispel. "Even when your data is encrypted, you're still emitting metadata -- who sent the encrypted data, from where and to whom -- that can often be just as useful to hackers as the information you've encrypted. In today's mobile world, we're pleased to help our customers reclaim complete security on their Android devices. And we're excited to make our signature products accessible to Linux operating systems."

Dispel solves individual and enterprise privacy problems other security companies cannot because Dispel does not rely on fixed infrastructure. Built upon an un-attributable, multi-cloud ephemeral infrastructure, the data Dispel protects is constantly in motion -- a moving perimeter target that hackers cannot find or attack. With new offerings for Android and Linux, CTOs and CIOs can ensure that proprietary and confidential information is safe even when accessed through an employee's mobile device.

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Dispel is a privately held New York-based company focused on commercial and individual online privacy protection. After two years in development for major institutional clients, Dispel's sophisticated Privacy-as-a-Service is now publicly available as the world's most comprehensive set of on-demand digital privacy tools. By leveraging a combination of powerful software, multiple cloud services, and double encryption that eclipses VPNs, the current generation of remote desktops, and other tools, Dispel provides businesses and individuals with unprecedented protection, halting the destruction of online privacy by placing control back in the hands of users. To learn more, visit

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