DAYTON, OH--(Marketwired - Apr 7, 2016) - Krush, a tech and innovation company that builds products and social experiences leveraging mobile video, artificial intelligence and virtual reality announces today the launch of Emotit for President, a new mobile video app that reads viewer's emotions and determines the top moment from curated political content.

Emotit is powered by ooVoo Intelligent Video® -- also owned by Krush -- and provides a new way for voters to engage with the election process during one of the most action-packed campaigns in history.

"The time has come for citizens to consume political content in a new way -- and to see how others feel about a candidate, a speech, a debate or general political news content," said JP Nauseef, Chairman of Krush. "Emotit for President is revolutionizing how we consume content about our leaders and transforms the relationship between voters and candidates across our nation. Intelligent Video provides insight into the exact moments that were the most engaging and most emotional (positive or negative). The data provides a checkpoint not just for individual voters, but provides insight into those topics and discussions that are the most relevant to voters today."

Users of Emotit for President create individual, anonymous profiles. They are then shown a set of curated political videos which is updated daily. When a video is selected, emotional response is recorded, and a score is calculated based on users' engagement and emotional sentiment. The results are also calculated across demographic segments, including age, gender, zip code and political affiliation. Top moments of political content are also analyzed, based upon algorithms which determine where the most meaningful emotional connection occurred. Emotional insights allow users reactions to be ranked compared to other viewers across the country, all in real time.

Approximately 85 percent of Americans 18-29 own a smartphone, yet one-quarter of millennials living away from their parents do not own a TV. Thus, Emotit is particularly relevant to understanding voter sentiment and capturing millennial feedback during the upcoming election cycle.

For more information about Emotit for President, see here.

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Krush is a tech and innovation company focused on building products and social experiences which leverage mobile video, artificial and emotional intelligence, and augmented and virtual reality. Krush's mobile applications include Flinch, Emotit for President, Heystax (coming March 2016), and the world's largest independent video chat app, ooVoo. In its first physical-digital mash-up, the company debuted Moveo at CES 2016. The company's products are powered by Intelligent Video® and the Intelligent Video SDK opens the company's powerful video cloud to developers worldwide.

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