Dr. David Amron Discusses Liposuction as an Advanced Lipedema Treatment at the Fat Disorders Research Society’s Annual Conference

Beverly Hills Liposuction Expert Pioneers a Safe Treatment for a Fat Storage Disease Affecting Millions

Beverly Hills, California, UNITED STATES

Los Angeles, April 08, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Liposuction expert Dr. David Amron will be a key speaker at the Fat Disorders Research Society (FDRS) 2016 Conference in St. Louis, Missouri on April 8 through 10 at The Marriot St. Louis Airport hotel. With this year’s conference titled “Living with Lipedema and Dealing with Dercum’s Disease,” the Beverly Hills, California-based dermatologic surgeon, who is considered a pioneer in lipedema treatment, has been invited to speak on his unique circumferential approach to liposuction on the conference’s surgical panel.

“I’m very happy to once again attend the FDRS conference,” said Dr. Amron. “Despite the large number of individuals suffering with lipedema, it is still a disease that is both commonly misdiagnosed and mistreated. In fact, because of its high risk, many surgeons refuse to treat lipedema patients. At this conference, I plan to not only expand my own knowledge of the disease, but also to help educate attendees about my very real and successful treatment method.”

Currently, it is estimated that more than 17 million women nationwide struggle with lipedema, a fat storage condition affecting the limbs. The only known treatment option shown to work is pure tumescent liposuction, which Dr. Amron is an expert in. Using proprietary techniques, he has already helped hundreds of patients with the disease make the return to full mobility.

Annually, the FDRS conference brings together top physicians and researchers in the industry to discuss, educate, and network on topics surrounding adipose tissue disorders and treatment options. This year, in addition to Dr. Amron’s discussion on treating lipedema with liposuction, attendees can also look forward to lectures on properly diagnosing the disease, as well as information on proper nutrition, exercise, and therapies for lipedema.

To find out more about the FDRS 2016 conference, please visit: http://www.fatdisorders.org/. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Amron, please visit: www.amronmd.com and www.theroxburyinstitute.com, or call (424) 394-1610.



About David Amron, M.D.

Dr. David Amron is a board certified dermatologic surgeon specializing in lipedema treatment, liposuction, and body contouring. He is medical director of the Roxbury Institute in Beverly Hills, California and has a worldwide reputation for excellence in successfully approaching complicated liposuction cases, including lipedema treatments and revision liposuction surgeries. He also specializes in nonsurgical facial rejuvenation and is internationally renowned for his artistry and unique approach to lipo-sculpture surgery.


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