NordiaSoft and Cobham Announce Beta-Testing of SCA Version 4.1 Core Framework

Gatineau, Quebec, CANADA

GATINEAU, Quebec, April 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NordiaSoft, the world leader in Software Communications Architecture (SCA) and Cobham AvComm (LSE:COB), a leading communication and avionics instrumentation company, announced today entering the beta-testing phase of NordiaSoft’s SCA Version 4.1 Core Framework.

Building on the success of SCARI GT Core Framework (SCA V2.2.2), NordiaSoft’s SCA V4.1 Core Framework will be beta-tested on the Cobham’s SCA Platform officially launched at WinnComm16 earlier this month. NordiaSoft and Cobham AvComm have teamed together to provide the SCA Platform for users who are developing and testing SCA wireless systems.

The Cobham SCA Platform currently offers a complete development environment for SCA-based applications. Its Modular AXIe hardware, coupled with NordiaSoft’s SCARI Software Suite makes it one of the most versatile and performing component-based development environments on the market. It is offered as an SCA Turn-Key system, including the Core Framework, Development tools and all of the SCA Devices and Services. It is currently offered with the SCA v2.2.2.

“We are encouraged by early successes on how fast we can implement our Test and Instrumentation Applications using component based development provided by the SCA V2.2.2. Upgrading to the latest version of the SCA specification V4.1 will provide us with even more flexibility for internal development, and we are committed to offer the same opportunities to our customers who wish to design their own software defined systems,” said Marv Rozner, VP of Strategic Development at Cobham AvComm.

“We have taken extreme care to minimize the impact on companies moving from SCAv2.2.2 to SCAv4.1. Our development environment permits a progressive migration to the new environment. Our association with Cobham enables us to design and test our solution on an extremely versatile platform, essential for truly software defined systems,” said Steve Bernier, NordiaSoft CTO.

The V4.1 SCA Core Framework will complete beta testing in Q3 2016 and will be available in Q4 2016.

About NordiaSoft

NordiaSoft offers products and services for those who need to create state of the art software-defined systems as used in the telecommunications, aerospace, radar, electronic warfare, robotics, transportation and instrumentation domains.

About Cobham

Cobham protects lives and livelihoods with its differentiated technology and know-how, operating with a deep insight into customer needs and agility. The Group offers an innovative range of technologies and services to solve challenging problems in harsh environments across commercial, defence and security markets, from deep space to the depths of the ocean, specialising in meeting the growing demand for data, connectivity and bandwidth. 

Employing more than 12,000 people on five continents, the Group has customers and partners in over 100 countries, with market leading positions in: audio, video and data communications, including satellite communications; defence electronics; air-to-air refuelling; aviation services; life support and mission equipment.

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