LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga., April 19, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Encompass Supply Chain Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of forward and reverse logistics for a diverse range of finished goods and replacement parts, today announced it has begun renovations to its 150,000-square-foot headquarters in Georgia to build a state-of-the-art training facility to assist major appliance and HVAC manufacturers in providing comprehensive training to field service technicians.

The new training facility, located within Encompass’ main distribution center just north of Atlanta, will initially accommodate approximately 30 participants. The company recently reconfigured its warehouse to improve operational efficiency and capacity to support its expanding business model. As part of this project, space was carved out specifically to enable Encompass to host on-site training sessions geared toward the major appliance and HVAC industry beginning in June 2016.

“As one of the largest parts distributors and 4PL providers in the U.S., Encompass is very excited to strengthen our partnership with appliance and HVAC manufacturers and servicers by offering this value-added service,” said Robert Coolidge, Encompass president and CEO. “We envision providing free instructional seminars that will run the gamut from standard technical training to more business-related topics such as enhancing customer service and dispatching. Manufacturers may use our facilities for many different purposes, including recruitment efforts to expand existing networks – we are open to ideas and flexible to meet any needs the appliance and HVAC industry may have.”

Encompass currently supplies replacement parts for a number of world-leading appliance and HVAC brands.  It also supports verticals such as consumer electronics, mobile device, personal care, computer and printer segments. Coolidge said he expects training will eventually comprise any and all topics relevant to these industries. Video will be taken during training sessions and posted online for the benefit of servicers unable to attend in person.

“This initiative will increase the options currently available to techs needing to stay abreast of all the latest appliance technology, said Coolidge. “While our new training center will be dedicated to the appliance industry at first, we anticipate expanding this capability to those within the other verticals we specialize in. Our ultimate goal is to help all our customers be more successful.”

Delbert Bray, appliance industry veteran and Encompass vice president of Vertical Development for Home Appliance and HVAC, added, “Our training center is a testament to Encompass’ commitment to the Appliance Service Community, and an example of how we offer much more than a typical parts distributor.  Having a training facility at the disposal of the appliance industry in a major metropolitan area like Atlanta will be of great benefit to manufacturers, servicers and Encompass.” 

Encompass is currently in discussions with major brands to organize training content and schedules. Further announcements including plans for a grand opening will be forthcoming.

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