ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Apr 19, 2016) -  Insightpool announces Audience Insights, powered by Facebook topic data, a new module within its Social Insights and Optimization Platform. The social technology provider is one of the first to fully integrate anonymous, aggregated Facebook topic data into its platform. This allows marketers to uncover hidden insights about their audiences like, popular topics and most shared links, gauge true emotional response -- beyond a simple positive, negative or neutral opinion, and explore demographics on a deeper level in order to understand unique characteristics.

With nearly two billion members, Facebook is a treasure trove of consumer information, but gleaning actionable insights in a privacy-safe way is next to impossible. Insightpool's Audience Insights module overcomes this challenge by creating customized keyword streams that analyze conversations, sentiment, shared links and hashtags, on Facebook and other social channels. The results are then presented in a dashboard allowing users to easily manipulate the data, to uncover hidden insights. The data helps marketers better understand and reach target audiences, and optimize social ad spend. Marketers can then use the data to create and monitor campaigns directly within Insightpool's campaign module.

"In order to truly understand the voice of our customers, having full access to Facebook topic data is critical," said Keith Boswell, Director of Social Strategy for Meijer, a leading regional grocer in the mid-west. "We chose Insightpool's Audience Insights because it gives us the ability to know exactly which topics are most relevant and what content is resonating in relation to our brand on Facebook in real-time. From the Audience Insights dashboard, we can then slice-and-dice that information based on demographics and sentiment which gives us a much richer understanding of customers and allows us to be smarter as we shape our marketing strategy."

"With the huge volume of interactions happening on social media every day, the amount of data available to organizations is staggering," says Tim Barker, CEO, DataSift. "Brands have traditionally struggled with not only accessing this data, but turning that data into actionable insights. Insightpool is leading the charge to address this challenge by fully integrating Facebook topic data into its Audience Insights platform. We are excited to see how Insightpool continues to innovate the way brands gain insight and make more strategic business decisions."

Insightpool is one of the only companies to integrate Facebook topic data directly into its platform. Many companies only provide Facebook topic data as custom reports outside the context of a self-service application.

"Insightpool Audience Insights enables marketers to separate the signal from the noise when it come to Facebook data," says Devon Wijesinghe, CEO at Insightpool. "Our solution allows marketers to make use of the data Facebook has on consumer interactions and engagements in a privacy-safe way, so they can be more efficient and successful with lead generation and personalized marketing."

Insightpool Audience Insights is now available to all customers. For more information, go to or register for an upcoming product webinar. Pricing for Audience Insights is based on the number of interactions analyzed each month. There are three tiers of pricing, each including a number of managed streams and custom reports created by Insightpool's data science experts.

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