DULLES, VIRGINIA and MIAMI, FLORIDA--(Marketwired - April 20, 2016) - ATPCO and Farelogix have partnered to bring to market an Ancillary Offer Engine that will enable airlines to deliver merchandising offers to an airline's direct and indirect distribution channels using an NDC web service. The solution combines the power of Farelogix' industry leading FLX Merchandise engine with ATPCO's comprehensive Optional Services data, enabling airlines to easily distribute airline-controlled offers across multiple channels including GDS, agency, and corporate booking tools, as well as airline websites and mobile channels.

Using the Ancillary Offer Engine, any airline, GDS, OTA, or CBT can access ancillary services specific to the passenger's itinerary and passenger details, augmenting the current pricing offer with ancillary services. The solution enables airlines to use ATPCO's Optional Services solution as the single point to manage all their ancillary data, ensuring that data is consistently applied across channels and providing choice and control over distribution of ancillary products. The NDC web service deployment eliminates the expensive and lengthy development process for airlines and aggregators that want to implement a single-sourced merchandising solution across all sales channels.

The solution offers an upgrade path to the enterprise FLX Merchandise solution, which allows sophisticated business rules, dynamic conditional logic, and even real-time inventory management to be applied to the baseline ancillary data filed with ATPCO. It also allows for the integration of ancillary data with the shop process for dynamic branded fares and fare families.

"ATPCO has worked closely with the airline industry for many years to support ancillary services," said Tom Gregorson, Managing Director of Product Strategy and Development at ATPCO. "During our discussions with both airlines and systems, it became apparent that an ancillary offer engine deployed as a web service was a fundamental industry need. ATPCO is focused on all methods of distribution, including both the current data subscription process and NDC. This partnership will enable airlines to easily use the distribution method of their choice."

ATPCO developed and deployed Optional Services, the industry-designed data solution that enables airlines to offer ancillary services beyond the ticket price, in 2008. More than 140 airlines utilize this data subscription solution to differentiate and enhance their product offering in both the direct and indirect channels so that passengers can select products and services that add value to their travel experience.

"Every airline is at a different point in its merchandising strategy," said Jim Davidson, President and CEO of Farelogix. "Having the core capability to price an ancillary offer - such as those powered by the Ancillary Offer Engine - is a solid first step to achieving consistent, value-added offers across channels. Using the Ancillary Offer Engine positions the airline to further expand and refine its strategy using conditional business rules for personalization and dynamic offers, such as those enabled through the FLX Merchandise enterprise platform, which is offered as a seamless upgrade path for cross-channel merchandising."

The Ancillary Offer Engine will be marketed and sold by ATPCO, supported by both ATPCO and Farelogix, and is ready for production deployment today.


ATPCO is the world leader in the collection and distribution of fare and fare-related data for the airline and travel industry. Its products and services organize fares into established formats that seamlessly integrate with global distribution systems, pricing systems, computer reservation systems, governments and related travel organizations. In doing so, ATPCO creates efficiencies in the overall fare management process. ATPCO currently works with more than 460 airlines and carriers worldwide, and it supplies more than 99 percent of the industry's fare data to all the major airfare pricing engines. Find out more at www.atpco.net.

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