Red Giant Launches New ZWAG BOX™ Product

ZWAG BOX is a Monthly Pop Culture Mystery Subscription Box with Heart

ORLANDO, Fla., April 20, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Red Giant Entertainment Inc. (OTC:REDG), an innovative Intellectual Property development company specializing in high quality characters and content for use in a variety of media and entertainment, announced today the launch of ZWAG BOX, a monthly subscription box service with several unique twists at new site.

“Every month we fill each ZWAG BOX with the types of pop culture collectibles, exclusives and rare items you could only find at conventions,” stated Benny Powell, Red Giant CEO. “This will begin with our July shipping subscription box with the theme ‘It’s About Time’ and continue from there on a monthly basis.”

Mystery subscription boxes are typically given a monthly theme, and beyond that, subscribers have little idea what is included.  ZWAG BOX, however, is a pop culture mystery box featuring collectible comics, movies, toys, video games & internet items!  These “five pillars of pop culture” will provide a rough framework for what subscribers can expect to receive in each box beyond a mere theme.

Powell continued, “We’re pleased to announce that for our first subscription box, and running for the first four months, we will include an exclusive version of the much-anticipated MARKIPLIER four part mini-series comic book!  These will be versions that collectors will only be able to get by subscribing to ZWAG BOX.”

The MARKIPLIER comic book mini-series features a tale centered around YouTube celebrity, Mark “Markiplier” Fischbach as he uses a mysterious watch to travel through dimensions where he encounters various Red Giant Entertainment comic and animation characters.  The series is monthly and also begins distribution in July 2016 with versions of the comic also being available at comic book stores through Diamond Comics Distributors.  Markiplier’s YouTube channel is one of the most-viewed in the world with almost 12.5 million subscribers.

“One of the key pillars that we feature in our subscription box will be the INTERNET pillar,” stated David Campiti, Red Giant COO. “The Internet audience for pop culture is immense, and much larger than most of the other traditional media with our key demographics age 8-30.  That is why we want to be certain to showcase this young, burgeoning talent and represent their wares to our subscribers who we feel are eager to collect unique merchandise from the celebrities they follow online.”

Each box is filled with over $55 worth of merchandise from top collectible companies, at prices starting as low as $15.95 + S/H!  A portion of the profits, Red Giant has pledged toward a charity each month.

Additionally, ZWAG BOX will feature a GOLDEN TICKET sweepstakes that four lucky individuals can win, by simply subscribing to the first six months of their subscription box.  This “golden ticket” will be for a special admission pass to hang out with them and their celebrity guests at the Keenspot/Red Giant Comic-Con booth in San Diego in 2017.  Full terms and conditions for this sweepstakes offer are available online.

“This is the launch of a platform for us,” Powell hinted. “It is just the start of what we have in store, and we will explain in depth what this means for the entire Red Giant publishing line quite soon.”

“Monthly ‘mystery box’ subscription services are one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today, and we at Red Giant Entertainment are thrilled to join this exciting new sector,” stated Chris Crosby, CTO for Red Giant.  “For just one example of the kind of potential success that can be achieved, look at, the subscription service co-founded by YouTube star Michelle Phan (8.5 million followers).  Ipsy reportedly generates more than $150 million in annual revenues.”

Subscribers can visit to join.  Year subscribers will not only save 20% but with coupon code YRBONUS1 will receive a special exclusive bonus collectible with their first box.  Supplies are limited, and subscribers are urged to join soon before quantities run out.

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