LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - April 26, 2016) -  The new Mobus Webinar Series will debut Wednesday, May 11 at 2 p.m. EDT. The series' premiere webinar will be "Standing Tradition on its Head: A Completely New Approach to Negotiation" presented by Frank Mobus, CEO, and Jim Holmes, VP. Registration for this first, free program is available now at the Mobus website page, http://www.mobusinc.com/webinar.

Mobus webinars will present the latest, most useful information and ideas designed to help participants negotiate more successfully in today's strategic business environment. Mobus Webinars are geared toward working professionals in: supply chain, procurement, sales, account management, project management and engineering. Each webinar comes loaded with practical, actionable advice. 

The Webinars happen on Wednesdays, 2 p.m. EDT every three weeks per the following schedule:

  • May 11, "Standing Tradition on its Head: A Completely New Approach to Negotiation"
  • June 1, "Negotiating Styles: Are You a Giver or Taker? How to Get Your Fair Share"
  • June 22, "Why Winning the Tactical Game is not Enough"
  • July 13, "Have You Gotten too Cozy with Your Negotiating Partner?"
  • August 3, "Finding Negotiating Opportunities in a Saturated or Declining Marketplace"

"We wanted to bring some of the latest ideas to people who might not have the chance to attend a full, two-day Creative Negotiating seminar," said Frank Mobus. "We think participants will gain new insights needed to negotiate successfully in today's business climate. Like everything we do here, we'll make them fun and entertaining as well as instructive and informative."

About Mobus Creative Negotiating

Mobus Creative Negotiating is a corporate negotiation training company that matches more than three decades of training seminar experience with the latest educational and communication techniques. Our mission is to help people find more profitable outcomes in deals large and small. Mobus can improve people's skills in gauging the other party's pressures and needs in transforming a transaction into a strategic relationship. For more valuable tips and insights into the art of negotiation, and to learn about our full suite of negotiation training solutions and Creative Negotiating seminars, visit Mobus at http://www.mobusinc.com

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