SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 27, 2016) - eReveal, the fresh face of mobile dating, is now available in the Apple iTunes and Google Play Stores. The free dating app is the first and only dating service to use personality traits from Face Pattern Analysis to make matchmaking faster, and more personal, accurate and fun. While most dating apps rely on swiping right, long survey responses and personal profile data, eReveal requires only a "selfie" to accurately match someone with compatible dating partners.

"Move over Tinder, Match, Bumble and eHarmony, there is a new face on the dating app scene," said Ted Morgan, CEO of Sonoma Media Partners, creator of eReveal. "Finally, there is a dating app that can perfectly match someone with his or her ideal companion. No more guessing, long questionnaires, endless 'swiping,' or disappointing connections. eReveal is a fresh approach to mobile dating, using the face to make matchmaking a more personal and rewarding experience."

How eReveal Works
Users download eReveal and register using Facebook, for ease of authentication. Once logged in, they are asked to take a selfie, which immediately starts the eReveal matchmaking process. eReveal's Face Pattern Analysis engine takes only a few seconds to determine key personality traits, and then quickly suggests genuine, compatible matches.

eReveal users are presented with pictures and profiles of prospective dating partners. Green (very compatible), yellow (average) and red borders (not so much) around the photos reveal the level of compatibility. Once instantly matched, users can select a dating partner and start a conversation using eReveal's built-in messaging feature.

Wayne Rowlands, president and CFO of SMP, added, "Every dating app on the market knows how important the face is to matchmaking. It is truly where the initial connection happens, but as we've learned, it reveals so much more than beautiful eyes or perfect skin. We've made matchmaking easier and more honest by employing proven personality analysis techniques using an individual's facial features and connecting people based on the features and traits that are most compatible. The result goes way beyond the swipe to create highly accurate matchmaking that is not available from any other app."

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About eReveal
eReveal, the fresh face of mobile dating, is an app launched by Sonoma Media Partners, a digital technology company headquartered in Santa Rosa, Calif. The app is free and is currently available in the Apple iTunes and Google Play Stores. eReveal's proprietary and proven Facial Pattern Analysis is based on over 30 years of research and practice by Naomi Tickle, the preeminent field expert. SMP is developing apps, products and services based on its proprietary Face Pattern Analysis technology in a variety of market segments, including consumer marketing, human resources, career and education counseling and security. SMP partners with companies engaged in developing synergistic technologies such as facial recognition, cyber-security and digital media. For more information, visit or

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