Proactive Advisor Magazine, active investment management’s weekly magazine for fee-based advisors, relaunches website designed for more reader engagement

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, UNITED STATES

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich., April 28, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Proactive Advisor Magazine, a weekly digital magazine focused on separately managed accounts (SMAs) and active management through building fee-based businesses, has relaunched its website.

The Proactive Advisor Magazine website has a whole new look. The magazine will include the same content, but in a format that is optimized for mobile devices, easy to share via social media, and organized to allow subscribers to find content quickly.
Proactive Advisor Magazine launched in 2014 and is in its second year of distribution. Each issue features an experienced financial advisor who offers insights on active money management, client service, and investment approaches. The magazine informs and educates the financial industry on research, market trends, and application of active investment management. Topics include retirement planning; ETFs and alternative investments; fee-based SMAs; diversification; active versus passive asset allocation; and liquid alternative asset classes and strategies.

“One of the fastest growth areas in the financial industry has been both fee-based separately managed accounts using mutual funds and ETFs and the active management of investments in them. The advisors that have been drawn to this unique combination are a special breed that eschews traditional buy-and-hold investing for portfolios created to be more responsive to financial market regimes. It was long past time for a magazine devoted to their distinct needs and the client protection that they seek,” explains Jerry Wagner, founder of Dynamic Performance Publishing Inc., the magazine’s publisher.

Active investment management continues to be a popular topic within the investment advisor community. While the majority of the industry refers to the active management within mutual funds, Proactive Advisor Magazine refers to the dynamic risk management of separately managed accounts utilizing mutual funds and ETFs. This investment approach seeks favorable risk-adjusted returns in any market environment, generally employing sophisticated algorithms and models to capture gains and protect against losses in a wide variety of sectors, asset classes, and geographies. Fundamentally, it is about a long-term approach to portfolio management that understands that “buy and hold” is just another strategy and that it is not right for everybody.

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About Proactive Advisor Magazine:
Proactive Advisor Magazine is dedicated to promoting and educating the advisor community on active investment management through original, leading-edge content. Distribution reaches a wide audience of financial professionals who advise clients on separately managed accounts and portfolio management. Each issue features an experienced fee-based investment advisor who offers insights on active money management, client service, and investment approaches. Additionally, Proactive Advisor Magazine offers an up-close look at topics relevant to separately managed accounts. For more information, visit

Active investment management’s weekly magazine for fee-based advisors


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