SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - May 2, 2016) - Chatmeter (, the leader in local search marketing and reputation management, announced today the launch of their review generation service -- Review Builder. Getting your customers to leave reviews can be challenging. While you may mention it at the end of the customer experience, people get busy and distracted. That is why Chatmeter has further evolved its local reputation and SEO platform by developing a service that will reach out to your customers on your behalf. 

Review Builder "The building blocks of a healthy reputation"

This feature, released in beta today, further helps agencies and large retailers effectively manage their reputation with tools that will creative a positive online presence and reputation. By working directly with your business's customers, Chatmeter collects honest feedback using Net Promoter Scores or any customizable questionnaire to measure the customer experience and drive more reviews. This in turn can be utilized to improve your store's online reputation as well as alert your company of issues to address.

Review Builder is designed to:

  • Increase online presence: Review Builder takes the positive reviews it generates and promotes them online, improving your page 1 rankings. In many case studies, we have proven that review quantity can have a direct impact on your store's rankings.
  • Prevent negative reviews and improve service: By being proactive and reaching out to customers immediately following the experience, you can often capture and resolve any issues before the customer goes online to post a negative review. This feedback will allow you see which stores are having issues and address them properly.
  • Improve your online reputation: Promoting and maintaining positive reviews for each store location will drive customers into your stores and beat your competitors.

"We started Chatmeter with the goal of providing an industry leading Local SEO and Reputation software. This is the natural evolution of that mission by enabling our clients to further measure the customer experience and improve the reputation of their stores. When speaking with clients, they frequently mentioned the challenge of just getting more reviews. Therefore, we worked closely with our clients to develop a service that made it easy and effective to collect new reviews and customer feedback, positive or negative." - Collin Holmes, Founder and CEO, Chatmeter

About Chatmeter

Chatmeter ( helps enterprise retail brands and agencies managing multiple locations increase their revenue. Since being the first Local Reputation platform in 2009, they now analyze and improve over 500,000 storefronts for their reviews, rankings and listings.

They help retailers make a distinct impact in revenue by identifying several areas in their online presence that drives customers to choose their stores over competitors. Chatmeter takes this a step further with the only integrated local visibility rank tracker so you can measure ROI using the most complete local presence management platform in the world.

The benefit for the clients is complete online presence management simplified into a single dashboard. They also power a white-label reputation management dashboard for many agencies across the U.S.

Some clients include Sears, Verizon Wireless, Comcast, Aaron's, Kohl's, Bruegger's Bagels, Texas de Brazil, and Dickey's BBQ.

Contact Information:

Collin Holmes
Chatmeter, Inc.
401 B Street, Ste 450
San Diego, CA 92101