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Cyrex Laboratories Continues to Innovate With Array 10-90 and Premier Food Panel Tests

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - May 02, 2016) - Cyrex Laboratories, a clinical laboratory specializing in functional immunology and autoimmunity, launched its latest multiple food immune reactivity test, the Array 10-90.

The Array 10-90 tests 90 food antigens the way in which the food is most likely consumed (cooked, raw or modified). Cyrex's approach to testing for reactivity to cooked, modified and raw foods sets the laboratory apart from its competitors because once a food is heated to 118 degrees or more, its protein structure and antigenicity may change. As a result, Array 10-90 minimizes the risk of missing reactivity to some of the most common foods.

Additional proprietary technologies featured in the Array 10 are also featured in the Array 10-90, which includes: combined food protein reactivity, lectins & agglutinins isolation technology, amplified antigenic proteins and peptides, hidden meat glue, cross-reactive pan-antigen isolates, gum large molecule reactivity, tissue-bound artificial food coloring reactivity, oil protein isolation, and dual antibody detection.

Cyrex is also announcing the availability of their new Premier Food Panel, which includes a bundle of Cyrex's Array 10-90, Array 3 and Array 4 tests. The Premier Food Panel provides a more comprehensive evaluation of food immune reactivity, assessing a wide-ranging number of wheat/gluten, dairy proteins and food proteins -- again with the benefit of testing solely for the top 90 antigens from the Array 10 test.

 "As the general public becomes increasingly aware and mindful of how different foods can lead to autoimmune reactivity and sensitivity, it's important to us, at Cyrex, that we be able to offer a broad range of testing options to accommodate the needs of anyone who might benefit from one of our tests," said Jean Bellin, President of Cyrex Laboratories. "With just a simple blood test, the Array 10-90 and Premier Food Panel screenings are able to assess a patient's immune reactivity to an extensive list of foods. These latest screening options demonstrate Cyrex's commitment to providing innovative and accurate testing for autoimmune reactivity."

All of Cyrex's Arrays are available to consumers exclusively through an order from a physician or other licensed healthcare professional. Physicians and other licensed healthcare professionals, as well as patients, interested in learning more about Array 10-90, the Premier Food Panel bundle or any of the many other Cyrex Arrays that are part of the Cyrex System, are encouraged to visit for additional information.

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Cyrex Laboratories is a clinical immunology laboratory specializing in functional immunology and autoimmunity. Cyrex offers multi-tissue antibody testing for the early detection and monitoring of today's complex autoimmune conditions. Cyrex develops innovative testing arrays through continuous collaboration with leading experts in medical research and clinical practice. Cyrex technology is built on four pillars of excellence, including the antigen purification system, optimized antigen concentration, antigen-specific validation and parallel testing technology. Cyrex is based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA and is CLIA licensed in the US and holds a Medical Device Establishment License in Canada.

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