NEW YORK, May 02, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Taboola, the leading global discovery platform, today announced an exclusive, two-year partnership with 20 Minutes, one of France’s leading daily newspapers and online news aggregators. The collaboration integrates Taboola’s predictive technology across 20 Minutes’ desktop and mobile properties, boosting engagement and revenue performance for the publisher.

With a wide-ranging audience of over 18.5 million monthly users, 20 Minutes reaches a variety of consumers seeking to engage with content across lifestyle, news, sports, entertainment and other verticals. Several aspects of Taboola’s discovery platform will ensure that publisher teams are maximizing the impact of both their editorial content and native advertising initiatives:

  1. Taboola’s Content Recommendations will present users with a mix of relevant editorial content, as well as sponsored stories from across the web, boosting on-site engagement and generating significant new revenue streams for the publisher.
  2. Taboola Native will enable publisher sales teams to promote directly-sold native campaigns at scale using Taboola’s predictive technology on high-impact placements across 20 Minutes’ homepage and various section fronts.
  3. Editorial teams will use Taboola Newsroom to optimize engagement with content across 20 Minutes’ widely-trafficked homepage. Provided at no cost, Taboola Newsroom supports multi-variant A/B tests that uncover the optimal “packaging” (e.g. thumbnail, headline) and placement for each content item, generating higher overall click-through-rates.
  4. 20 Minutes’ product team will use Taboola’s Full Page Personalization to customize the on-site experience for different referral-based audience segments. For example, people who don’t share will not see social sharing tools, while others will see bigger and more prominent buttons, based on data collected across the Taboola network.

“Digital publishing continues to be an increasingly competitive market, especially for a daily news site like 20 Minutes which maintains high-touch relationships with a loyal base of readers who visit our site every day,” said Olivier Bonsart, CEO of 20 Minutes. “Now more than ever, we are exploring innovative ways to grow on-site engagement and open up new revenue streams, and Taboola’s multi-faceted discovery platform empowers our internal teams to do better, while also improving the on-site experience for users. We’re excited to see our partnership continue to evolve in the coming years.”

Taboola’s predictive technology analyzes hundreds of real-time signals (including geography, device, user behavior, social media trends, and more) to determine the top content items a person may want to engage with next.

“As online content consumption trends grow more fragmented, it’s become vital for publishers to build a multi-pronged approach to attracting and retaining new audiences,” said Adam Singolda, founder and CEO of Taboola. “We’re very excited to collaborate with a major news platform like 20 Minutes, and it’s been impressive to see how their team has translated a wide print readership into a robust online audience. We look forward to working together on building out those efforts further and matching French users with the most relevant content they may like but never knew existed.”

With headquarters in New York City and its European operations based in London, Taboola has signed partnerships with several leading publishers throughout Europe and around the world, including AOL, MSN, Daily Mail, Euronews, The Independent, L’Express, Eurosport, and more.

About Taboola
Taboola is the leading discovery platform, serving over 300 billion recommendations to over 750 million unique visitors every month on some of the Web’s most innovative publisher sites, including USA TODAY, Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, and The Weather Channel. Headquartered in New York City, Taboola also has offices in Los Angeles, London, Tel Aviv, New Delhi, São Paulo, and Bangkok. Publishers, marketers, and agencies leverage Taboola to retain users on their sites, monetize their traffic, and distribute their content to drive high-quality audiences. Learn more at and follow @taboola on Twitter.

About 20 Minutes
20 Minutes reaches 18.5 million users every month, across print, web, mobile and tablet. With 1.9 million followers on Twitter, and 1.6 million Facebook fans, 20 Minutes generates more daily interactions on social networks than any other French news site (source: ACPM ONE Global V1 2016 ; Graphystories report, February 2016).


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