NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 3, 2016) - PCG Advisory Group, a leading investor and public relations agency, announced today the launch of PRISM Digital Media (

PRISM Digital Media is an innovative, full-service agency with a state-of-the-art suite of technologies informed by years of experience applying the virtues of social media to the discipline of investor relations and corporate communications. Its three-step marketing methodology is designed to build online communities and ongoing informational exchanges where influencers and stakeholders interact.

Jeff Ramson, Founder and CEO of both PCG Advisory Group and PRISM Digital Media, is a recognized pioneer in the enlistment of Digital Asset Management and Social Media Marketing to enhance traditional Investor Relations services and Strategic Communications where his firm has always excelled.

"With increasing recognition, the utilization of social media as a strategic marketing tool is finally beginning to be valued at the regulatory and business levels," stated Jeff Ramson. "This confluence is what led us to create PRISM Digital Media as a full-fledged practice that incorporates methodologies and unique strategies that we have honed over the years. This collection of actions and measurements, we coined PRISM to clearly reflect 'PRoactive Integrated Strategic Messaging.' Like a prism, it refracts the white light of a company's message into an array of informational "colors," addressing the different perceptions that contribute to a true community along the stakeholder spectrum."

Mr. Ramson has long urged companies to recognize the importance of their digital footprints and to utilize the growing variety of resources available to grow its sphere of influence. Digital presence is more important than ever, increasingly expected and demanded every day.

"Companies that want to succeed in today's new age world must demonstrate a robust digital presence that creates and grows a stakeholder following and continually informs it," added Mr. Ramson. "Publicly traded companies must treat their digital presence as a primary asset integral to the overall business strategy in order to thrive."

About PCG Advisory Group:

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in New York City, PCG Advisory Group is dedicated to the delivery of top tier investor relations, strategic advisory, communications, and innovative digital media services for the micro and small cap public company marketplace. PCG has extensive experience with life sciences, technology, energy and other emerging growth companies, both in the US and internationally.

PCG's team of senior level professionals bring many years of direct advisory experience, along with unique and high quality relationships amongst the investment and media communities. Our primary focus is building a shareholder base and expanding market awareness through very professional methods and initiatives.

PCG's Capital Markets Advisory Services include overall investor marketing and communications strategy development to increase and leverage awareness, visibility and credibility. PCG's Social and Digital Media services include maximizing social and professional digital media channels to effectively and accurately communicate clients' specific opportunities.

About PRISM Digital Media:

PRISM Digital Media, an affiliated company of PCG Advisory Group, was created for public and private companies by seasoned investment and communications professionals. It brings together a team of innovators from Wall Street to Madison Avenue resolved to change the agency model to inspire innovation. PRISM Digital Media works seamlessly with private and publicly traded companies to help brand their missions online through social media.

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