NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 4, 2016) - Adstream, the world's leading global platform for creative asset management, delivery and analytics technology, today announced a strategic partnership with FADEL, a leading provider of cloud-based intellectual property management software. In partnering with FADEL, Adstream will integrate FADEL's cloud-based Asset Rights Clearance (ARC) solution into the Adstream platform. The integration extends Adstream's capabilities to manage rights for digital content on a global basis, throughout the creative process, enabling brands, marketers and agencies to ensure that creative rights are cleared and adhered to at every stage.

Today, Adstream's cloud-based technology is used by more than 6,000 global agencies and brands, managing over 25 million creative assets and delivering 2 million per year to more than 125 countries. Within a single platform, agencies and brands use Adstream globally to collaborate on, store, manage and review all forms of marketing and ad content. Adstream also enables delivery of content across every type of media channel, whether traditional or new media, while also providing content tracking upon delivery to ensure creative is used and optimized.

Increasingly, advertisers and agencies face a growing number of rights and royalty management challenges. With the proliferation of media channels, formats and delivery models available for campaigns, millions of pieces of creative content are developed and distributed every single day. Whether for linear TV, OTT, video-on-demand, radio, or web, each piece of creative content carries specific terms of use and complicated contract variables. For global advertisers and agencies, where creative content is created and managed by multiple parties and lines of businesses across countries and continents, manually tracking every aspect of these rights is difficult and prone to error. Ultimately, this creates a host of inefficiencies, stalling time-to-market for campaigns while raising costs.

Asset Rights Clearance (ARC) by FADEL, now available through the Adstream platform, streamlines the rights management process, allowing advertisers and agencies to maintain, control and manage associated rights with every piece of content stored in Adstream. Meaning, all of a brand or agency's global collaboration, delivery, reporting and rights management needs have been consolidated into a single, holistic view within the platform. In addition to boosting global efficiency and rights clearances across collaborators handling creative content and accelerating campaign time-to-market, the integration enables streamlined repurposing of content at a global scale in a way that has never been possible before. This allows for creative content optimization, reducing costs.

"Every day the advertising landscape for global brands and agencies grows more challenging," said Gerry Sutton, CEO of Adstream. "The combined proliferation of media channels and the necessary scaling of creative processes worldwide, from content creation to distribution, makes asset management especially hard. With Adstream, we have built the world's leading global content management and delivery platform, and by integrating FADEL's ARC technology within our service to navigate asset rights, we can continue to help our users deal with the evolving ecosystem."

"By combining the capabilities of Adstream and FADEL ARC and giving Adstream users a single workflow for asset management, we are helping the world's greatest brands and agencies accelerate their creative process," said Tarek Fadel, Founder and CEO of FADEL. "Adstream allows users to access and deliver content around the world, and ARC ties that content to its rights parameters, helping creative teams seamlessly check and clear it for use."

The FADEL technology partnership follows Adstream's recent acquisition of Deluxe's AdServices business. Deluxe had provided advertising management and delivery solutions to agencies and brands in media and advertising through AdServices. In acquiring the business, Adstream, which is based in London, complemented its existing content management offering and support services in the US and Canada, while making it a significant player in the North American TV and video delivery market, where AdServices had seen significant growth in recent years.

"For our growing US customer base, FADEL ARC is an important tool for managing content rights," said Ian Wheal, Global Strategy Director at Adstream. "The partnership reflects our commitment to the North American market, where we are seeing unprecedented demand, in terms of both creative management and delivery. We offer the only single solution platform for full creative lifecycle and digital asset management, with asset delivery to more than 125 countries globally. In the US and beyond, our offering is unique to the market. That value proposition is resonating and we will continue to meet the demand."

For more information about Adstream's FADEL-powered rights management capabilities, visit Adstream at Booth 29 at DAM New York, May 5-6, 2016 at the New York Hilton Midtown. At the conference, Adstream's CTO, Andy Jones, will contribute to the panel discussion Can Your DAM Do This? Why is the Big Video Workflow so Hard to Manage? on Friday, May 6, from 9:40-10:40am.

For more information about FADEL ARC, visit FADEL at Booth 24 at DAM New York. In addition, FADEL's VP of Product Management will deliver the DAM NY TechLab Brand Rights Management: Is Your Brand Protected and Are Your Assets Cleared for Use? on Friday, May 6, from 1:15-1:45pm, and FADEL's CEO and Founder, Tarek Fadel (@FadelTarek), will also contribute to the panel discussion Content Monetization: Rights Management for Content Companies on Friday, May 6, from 2:20-3:50pm.

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