HAYWARD, WI--(Marketwired - May 4, 2016) - Halydean Corporation, a privately held dairy and beef farm investment group, announced it has signed an additional $76 million in merger agreements to date in 2016 with leading family-owned dairy farms. Approximately $200 million in additional mergers and acquisition opportunities are in its channel, exceeding its internal first-year projections.

Halydean Corporation Chairman and CEO Ron Braatz said, "We are very exclusive in our selection process. By choosing the farms and managers we elect to bring into our organization, we will be working with industry leading, family-owned dairy farms to create success for all shareholders through economies of scale, powerful technology and expansion opportunities."

Many farm owners have been facing discounted valuations, leaving sellers to often contend with tax consequences and wholesale changes in the management of their farms. However, Halydean's approach to farm succession planning, a cooperative effort among farmers who are joining together in one group, has created broad interest among many family-owned farms.

Halydean is focusing on farms with an average of $34 million in assets and that are among the top 5% of America's dairy farms in terms of premier management and facilities, farms with animal husbandry practices and milk production that denote them as being first rate.

"To become part of the Halydean family is a mark of prestige for family-owned dairy farms," continued Braatz. "Through Halydean, our partners will have the opportunity to share in the growth and profits of all of the farms, as well as the benefits of continued income and family security. Our M and A strategy should result in equity accretion for all shareholders. "

To find out if your dairy farm is eligible for a merger with Halydean Corporation, please visit www.Halydean.com for more information.

About The Company
Halydean Corporation is an agricultural land holding company that specializes in dairy and beef production. The company's focus is to consolidate the dairy industry through vertical and horizontal integration, acquiring farms with a mixture of stock and cash, with an emphasis on expanding dairy and beef production for capital appreciation for shareholders and reinvestment in company growth. The company has more than 100 years of industry leadership experience. Through holding simple, safe assets like grazing land and cattle, the company could profit as the fragmented dairy industry consolidates for cost-to-scale improvements in efficiency and focus on solid business fundamentals. More information can be found at www.halydean.com.

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