OAKVILLE, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 4, 2016) - iView Systems, leaders in physical security information management reporting solutions, today announced availability of the new iView Systems Academy. Businesses invest in technology to increase productivity and return on investment. These efficiency gains from new solutions are dependent on using the technology effectively. The constant innovation in this technology, means companies need to train staff accordingly, so as to ensure they are kept updated with the latest features, to reap the productivity benefits of the software.

The iView Systems eLearning Academy provides clients with access to the latest training materials for each aspect of iView Systems' solutions, accessible at any time, convenient to them.

"The goal of the iView Systems Academy is to ensure all users are able to quickly achieve and maintain the knowledge required to work with iViews' solutions effectively, while being kept up to date with new features delivered in each release." states Beth Gorman, Training Specialist, iView Systems.

For more than a decade, iView Systems' customers have benefitted from expert support and now have unlimited access to the iView Systems eLearning Academy self-paced training platform. Online self-paced training modules include:

  • iTrak® Incident Reporting & Risk Management Platform
  • iPass® Visitor Management Platform
  • Associated iTrak® Application Modules (Business Intelligence, Ad-Hoc Reporting, Lost & Found and iDispatch)
  • Coming Soon - Audit, iKiosk, Work Order, License Plate Recognition and iTrax™ Mobile Guard Tour/Proof of Presence

The iView Systems Academy has multiple eLearning options and provides courses specific to job function or role. Each learning path is comprised of courses including handouts organized by module and role-based operation. The Academy provides:

  1. Self-Paced Customer Access
  2. Live Online Custom Training (Program launch soon)
  3. Curriculum Based Individual Certification (Program launch soon)

By empowering employees with the tools and choice to select how and when they learn, with flexible, customizable and continuous education, businesses will realize the benefits of greater knowledge capital, as well as increased productivity.

About iView Systems

iView Systems specializes in the development and deployment of a complete integrated and converged physical security information management (PSIM) reporting platform for security, surveillance and loss prevention environments. iView Systems addresses the needs of multiple industries for a single desktop incident management and reporting system, providing both an incident and subject centric approach. iView Systems has rapidly attained industry recognition for its unique solutions and provides incident reporting, dispatch, identification and visitor management platforms and services to the global security marketplace, including the gaming, banking, corporate security and other loss prevention environments.

For more information on iView Systems Academy, please visit www.iviewsystems.com/academy.

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