LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - May 04, 2016) - EMC World booth 165 -- Primary Data today announced that its storage-agnostic DataSphere platform connects EMC® systems including ScaleIO® software-defined scale-out block storage solutions, Isilon® scale-out NAS storage, and Amazon S3 cloud storage in a demonstration of how data virtualization enables enterprises to integrate the capabilities of their diverse storage resources at EMC World 2016. By uniting EMC storage systems across file, block, and object access protocols, Primary Data enables enterprises to scale EMC Data Lake solutions across their different EMC storage platforms.

"EMC is a leader in helping enterprises meet today's business demands with scalable, software-defined solutions," said Primary Data CEO Lance Smith. "Through data virtualization, the Primary Data DataSphere platform automatically aligns data to the ideal EMC storage resource according to IT-defined objectives. Automated data mobility and management across EMC systems maximizes the unique capabilities of different EMC solutions in a single, unified Data Lake. With Primary Data and EMC, IT leaders can easily scale everything from performance, to savings, to business agility."

EMC Data Lake solutions, such as Isilon file storage and EMC Elastic Cloud Storage™ (ECS) object storage, provide a single system to capture, store, analyze, protect and manage data. DataSphere is a data virtualization platform that connects EMC Data Lake solutions with other EMC systems to give all data access to the diverse features of EMC's trusted storage solutions. Primary Data's EMC World demonstration showcases live data movement using Service Level Objectives across different storage systems using different protocols, such as ScaleIO software-defined scale-out block storage, Isilon scale-out file-based storage, and object-based cloud storage.

"EMC World 2016 is an event aimed to help IT leaders discover how to modernize their data centers through software defined solutions, flash, converged infrastructure, and Data Lake systems," said Joshua Bernstein, Vice President of Technical Strategy, Emerging Technologies Division, EMC Corporation. "The DataSphere platform from Primary Data gives enterprises the agility to connect separate EMC systems and automatically match the best EMC solution with the specific needs of their applications and business."

The DataSphere architecture uniquely separates the data path from the control path to create a storage independent, global dataspace that spans different storage types and access protocols. This enables enterprises to modernize their existing storage assets through a software-defined solution without the need to purchase any new storage systems. Objective-based management gives IT control over defining application performance, protection and price requirements. As data becomes hot or cold, DataSphere ensures it is placed automatically on the storage platform that best meets evolving objectives without application disruption.

"Designed to work with a wide range of vendors, DataSphere provides a storage-agnostic management and data migration architecture with the objective engine and data analytics management components running out of band," said Henry Baltazar, Storage Director at 451 Research. "This enables DataSphere to unite storage platforms from EMC and other vendors to provide powerful data migration and management capabilities across different storage types."

EMC World 2016 attendees can view the Primary Data demonstration and see DataSphere in action at booth 165 from May 2-5, 2016. DataSphere is now available from Primary Data and its Reseller Partners. Details and pricing are available for enterprise customers by emailing to discuss your specific business needs.

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Primary Data delivers dynamic data mobility through data virtualization, transforming datacenter architectures by matching data demands with storage supply across a single global dataspace. With the Primary Data DataSphere platform, applications, servers, and clients gain the ability to transparently access data while it is intelligently migrated between direct-attached, network-attached, private and public cloud storage to deliver unprecedented manageability, performance, and efficiency. The storage-agnostic DataSphere platform features an intelligent objective engine that automatically places data on the right resources across file, block, and object storage to meet evolving application requirements in real time. Visit us at or follow us on Twitter at @Primary_Data.

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