MENLO PARK, CA--(Marketwired - May 5, 2016) - Blue Gem Innovations,, is experiencing expediential growth quickly with no signs of slowing down the 2016 year. BGI is meeting their clients' national goals in excellence and achieving unmatched profits like never seen in years previous. Blue Gem Innovations implements their self-created Management Training Program to help develop and train entry level employees into successful Managers within the Organization and the results are obvious! Through the Management Training Program, BGI has been able to continuously surpass sales projections, all while expanding nationally.

A large part of BGI's success can be attributed to the implementation of their Management Training Program. Blue Gem has a firm belief in fully educating all employees through their training course to learn all aspects of the business, creating a firm foundation and "same face" structure and mentality throughout each of BGIs' staff and locations. The unique Development Program establishes an equal opportunity for all of BGI's employees. This stable structure of development opportunity creates a healthy atmosphere of support for each individual that is a part of the Blue Gem professional family, offering an educational experience into the Marketing demographic. With such a diverse team of people from all walks of life, Blue Gem Innovations takes self-driven, hard-working individuals and offers an entrepreneur career opportunity in the Marketing world.

Blue Gem Innovations marketing firm has consistently gone above and beyond their clients' goals and expectations, resulting in quick - continued expansion. "I believe that with every success there is opportunity to perfect. I have had my moments to learn quickly from my own mistakes and it has driven me to guide and lead by example to my team. Currently we have 30+ employees in Seattle - Washington, San Diego - California and San Francisco - California and we are still growing," states Basil Ali (Director of Operations at Blue Gem Innovations). Basil continues, "I, personally, like to work alongside each employee. Their success is crucial to the business. Happy employees equate to happy customers and clients -- that is the heart of this business. I enjoy what I do and the professional work family has an energy that is unparalleled to any job I have ever worked, this doesn't feel like work -- I'm passionate about what I do and Blue Gem Innovations successes speak of that!"

Contact Information:

Basil Ali
Director of Operations
Blue Gem Innovations