Aptitude Research Partners Finds 70% of High-Performing Companies Adopting Communication Technology Strategies to Support Business Goals

Research Firm Releases First In-Depth Study on How Communications Has Become Critical to a Company's Change Management Process

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - May 5, 2016) - Today, Aptitude Research Partners (ARP,) a research based analyst firm focused on Human Capital Management, presented the first in-depth research on how human resource organizations are investing in employee communications technology to help them drive change, improve performance and enhance the employee experience.

ARP Co-Founder and CEO Mollie Lombardi announced the research findings at ENGAGE2016, the annual workforce communications conference hosted by GuideSpark in Silicon Valley this week. The research, titled "Communication: Driving Commitment, Creating Value," showcases numerous compelling learnings regarding the importance of communications in connecting employees to company priorities and culture. The findings highlight the impact of communications on three main areas:

  • Adoption: Overall, 70 percent of high-performing companies are adopting communication technology strategies to support their business goals.
  • Business Results: Companies with a formal strategy for communication are four times more likely to have an engaged workforce and three times more likely to improve quality of hire.
  • Turnover: Companies with no communication strategy are three times more likely to lose high-potential talent.

"Tools to support better employee communications are incredibly important today -- 96 percent of our survey respondents believe it's critical to achieving company goals," said Lombardi. "Organizations have a real opportunity to differentiate themselves in the marketplace by enhancing employer/employee relationships that support individual growth and drive organizational performance, and by making coaching and feedback an organizational competency to help them attract and retain key talent."

The research shows that today's employees have rapidly evolving expectations around communications and have largely been influenced by consumer technology. They expect mobile, interactive and on-demand access to information, not the traditional push email notifications of previous years. In fact, more than half of the organizations surveyed indicated that their employees don't read internal communications emails.

ARP's findings also reveal that new ways of delivering information, in particular multimedia and interactive experiences, are in high demand. For example, 80 percent of high-performing companies in the study believe video would be a compelling way to improve their communication strategies. Technologies and services that can help organizations respond to these changing needs will be a critical part of organizational success going forward.

ARP's research findings are based on the survey responses of professionals from 367 organizations in a wide variety of industries across North America.

The executive summary for "Communication: Driving Commitment, Creating Value" can be viewed on the firm's website at: http://aptituderesearchpartners.com/2016/05/05/employee-communication-executive-summary.

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Aptitude Research Partners is a research-based analyst and advisory firm focused on the new conversation required by changes in how HCM technology is delivered and utilized by today's organizations. Our goal is to look beyond the obvious product capabilities to identify the real differentiators organizations should be looking for when considering providers, as well as the change management and change readiness capabilities consumers must have in place for successful technology adoption. We conduct quantitative and qualitative research on all aspects of Human Capital Management to better understand the skills, capabilities, technology and underlying strategies required to deliver business results in today's complex work environment.