NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 05, 2016) - Influenster, the product discovery and reviews platform, surveyed 4,594 young American mothers (average age of 32) across all 50 states including the District of Columbia, of its community of over two million socially savvy members to find out what they want for Mother's Day this year as well as whom they'd like to receive the gifts from.

Young American mothers want to be pampered on Mother's Day.
When asked about general gift types they'd like to receive for Mother's Day, these young mothers revealed they would most like to receive a pamper gift (72%), followed by a physical gift (53%), an experiential gift (48%) and then a DIY gift (33%) trailing at the end of their preference spectrum. The way to a mother's heart isn't necessarily from laboring over a handmade present after all. Only 1% of moms said that they don't like to receive gifts on Mother's Day.

Surprisingly, young moms would prefer if their spouses (83%) showed their appreciation with gifts on Mother's Day above all other people in their lives -- children (79%), parents (19%), friends (15%), relatives (13%) and siblings (10%). That might be because a good portion of this generation of mothers have kids that are still too young to shower them with gifts.

Beauty, spa & wellness and kind gestures triumph flowers as gifts.
Consistent with trends from recent years, flowers are no longer as desired by this generation of American moms. When young mothers were asked about what they specifically wanted for Mother's Day this year, the gift that emerged as the top gift for the most number of states is cosmetics. California, Indiana, North Carolina, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and West Virginia are the seven states that had young moms setting their eyes on beauty products this Mother's Day.

Spa & wellness and kind gesture (like cleaning the dishes or sweeping the floor) tied as runner-ups for top Mother's Day gifts across the country. Spa & wellness was notably not a favorite anywhere in the South and kind gesture was not appreciated as a top gift in the Northeast. Interestingly, Hawaii was the only state that preferred athletic wear, Maryland was the only state that favored travel, New Hampshire was the only state that desired events and South Dakotan moms were the only ones who wanted DIY gifts. Kansan and South Carolinian moms were the ones keeping it straightforward -- they'd rather money as a Mother's Day gift.

Breakdown of US mothers' gift preferences:  
Cosmetics  34%
Spa/Wellness  29%
Jewelry   21%
Bag/Purse/Wallet   20%
Gift card   20%
Clothing and shoes   19%
Fragrances   17%
Flowers   15%
Kind gesture in the household (e.g. sweeping)   15%
Handwritten card   14%
Dining   12%
Money   12%
Things to do and see (e.g. museums)   11%
Travel   11%
DIY gift (e.g. handsewn sweater)   8%
Events (e.g. concert)   7%
Books   6%
Food  6%
Electronics   6%
Athletic wear   6%
Home appliances   5%
Furniture   3%
Alcohol   2%
Breakdown by state:  
AL   Jewelry
AK   Spa & Wellness
AZ  Kind gesture
AR   Purse
CA   Cosmetics
CO   Spa & Wellness
CT  Clothes & Shoes
DC   Flowers
DE   Dining
FL  Fragrances
GA   Gift card
HI   Athletic wear
IA   Kind gesture
ID   Handwritten card
IL   Spa & Wellness
IN  Cosmetics
KS  Money
KY   Flowers
LA   Kind gesture
ME   Handwritten card
MD   Travel
MA   Handwritten card
MI   Spa & Wellness
MN  Gift card
MO   Kind gesture
MS   Kind gesture
MT   Dining
NC   Cosmetics
ND   Purse
NE  Gift card
NH   Events
NJ   Jewelry
NM   Cosmetics
NV   Kind gesture
NY   Jewelry
OH   Handwritten card
OK   Fragrances
OR   Flowers
PA   Spa & Wellness
RI  Purse
SC   Money
SD   DIY gift
TN   Gift card
TX  Cosmetics
UT   Clothing & shoes
VT   Spa & Wellness
VA   Fragrances
WA   Cosmetics
WV   Cosmetics
WI   Gift card
WY  Handwritten card

These are some of the key findings from an Influenster survey conducted from March 21 - 28, 2016 with a total of 4,594 completes. With a sample of 4,594 women across all ages (18-24: 16%; 25-34:50%; 35-44%:26%; 45-54%: 7%; 55+: 1%) with heavy social media usage (On 2+ social media channels: 99%). Average age of respondent: 32. Minority reach: 37%. The survey was conducted online in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. The margin of sampling error is +/- 1.45 percentage points at a 95% confidence level. 

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