TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 5, 2016) - YAMANA GOLD INC. (TSX:YRI) (NYSE:AUY) herein announces the results of the votes held earlier today at the annual meeting of shareholders for the election of directors, the appointment of auditors and the advisory resolution on executive compensation. Detailed results of the votes are presented below.

Voting results for the election of directors are as follows:

Nominee Outcome of Vote Votes By Ballot
Votes For Votes Withheld
John Begeman Carried 476,665,192 5,772,772
(98.80%) (1.20%)
Christiane Bergevin Carried 478,357,216 4,080,748
(99.15%) (0.85%)
Alexander Davidson Carried 434,077,955 48,360,009
(89.98%) (10.02%)
Richard Graff Carried 472,885,956 9,552,008
(98.02%) (1.98%)
Nigel Lees Carried 468,632,191 13,805,773
(97.14%) (2.86%)
Peter Marrone Carried 448,059,254 34,378,710
(92.87%) (7.13%)
Patrick J. Mars Carried 460,844,795 21,593,169
(95.52%) (4.48%)
Carl Renzoni Carried 478,288,244 4,149,720
(99.14%) (0.86%)
Jane Sadowsky Carried 478,290,280 4,147,684
(99.14%) (0.86%)
Dino Titaro Carried 469,718,132 12,719,832
(97.36%) (2.64%)

Voting results for the appointment of Deloitte LLP as auditors are as follows:

Outcome of Vote Votes By Ballot
Votes For Votes Withheld
Carried 584,264,101 22,608,541
(96.27%) (3.73%)

Voting results for the advisory resolution on executive compensation as described in the Company's 2016 Information Circular are as follows:

Outcome of Vote Votes By Ballot
Votes For Votes Against
Carried 420,264,296 62,173,659
(87.11%) (12.89%)

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Yamana is a Canadian-based gold producer with significant gold production, gold development stage properties, exploration properties, and land positions throughout the Americas including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Canada. Yamana plans to continue to build on this base through existing operating mine expansions, throughput increases, development of new mines, the advancement of its exploration properties and, at times, by targeting other gold consolidation opportunities with a primary focus in the Americas.

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