NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 05, 2016) - B&H Photo, long known as "The Professional's Source," for pro photography, pro video, and pro audio, now begins the discussion about the future of filmmaking -- virtual reality.

On May 11, 2016 at 2:00 EST, B&H Photo will host a live panel discussion about the production and post-production of virtual reality and 360° video -- two harbingers of the future of digital content. Leading the discussion will be B&H's Doug Guererra, and the lineup of panelists will include luminaries from the content production and virtual reality content-serving industries.

Alex Chechelnitsky, Head of Immersive Production, Koncept VR

As the head of immersive productions at Koncept VR, Chechelnitsky brings many years of working with spherical projections, as well as a mastery of panoramic photography. His creative aspirations and passion for immersive VR narrative fuel his drive to hone his craft to a virtual razor's edge.

Ben Nunez, President at Littlstar

Ben Nunez is a tech entrepreneur, executive, and investor. He's spent his entire career working with digital media, software, and infrastructure, and has experience working with both big media and startups. Nunez is currently focused on virtual reality and immersive media at Littlstar, a content network that gives consumers the best place to discover VR and 360 video content from major companies like Disney, NBC, FOX, and many more.

Douglas Sonders, Co-Founder, Studio 8112

Sonders co-founded the award-winning production company 8112 Studios, along with Nicholas Cambata. They specialize in large-scale print, motion, and virtual reality productions. Their music videos have hundreds of millions of views and their TV and print ads have been seen all over the world. They've helped pioneer 360/VR storytelling for major brands like AOL, National Geographic, and Hearst. Facebook lists 8112 Studios as one of the top 10 virtual reality production companies in the world.

PJ Morreale, Senior Director of Operations, YouVisit Studios

Combining 10 years of professional photography experience with a lifelong passion for travel, music, art, and action sports, Morreale serves as YouVisit's Senior Director of Operations and Head of YouVisit Studios. In addition to managing YouVisit's production teams, he works closely with the technology, marketing, and business development teams to help keep YouVisit at the forefront of immersive virtual experiences.

The discussion will focus on the differences between virtual reality and 360° video production, including the rigs and equipment commonly used, and some insight into the post-production and stitching process that combines the digital film into a finished end product. The panel will also touch on mobile VR versus high-end PC VR, and tech advances in the future.

"This is what B&H is all about," says Eli Weiss, Head of VR Business Development at B&H Photo, "leading the way and forging a path for pioneers in a fledgling industry, much like what we did with aerial imaging and 4K video production. The first step in forging that path is to open up a discussion between the customer and industry experts in this field."

Join B&H as the company once again makes the foray into a brave new world of digital content, and tune in for the Livestream Panel -- A Production Revolution: Virtual Reality and 360° Video. B&H will be at the forefront, leading the discussion and asking the questions about what the future holds.

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