TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 5, 2016) - May 5, 2016 marks the 46th anniversary of Sahaja Yoga, a spiritual movement founded by Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1923 - 2011). Shri Mataji traveled the globe tirelessly to reach as many as possible, and She shared the simple meditation techniques of Sahaja Yoga to millions over Her lifetime. She addressed audiences large and small; Her public programs sometimes drew crowds of tens of thousands, while She also frequently addressed small gatherings in remote villages. She never accepted money for Her teachings, and to this day, Sahaja Yoga is completely free of charge.

On May 5, 1970, after spending several hours in a state of deep meditation, Shri Mataji discovered the technique to open the Sahasrara chakra, the energy centre located at the crown of the head. As a result, it became possible for anyone to experience self-realization - the spontaneous awakening of the spiritual energy within (kundalini). When the kundalini is awakened, it rises from the sacrum bone to the crown of the head, passing through the chakras (energy centres) located along the spinal cord.

Through this process, one experiences a joyful, peaceful, and completely alert meditative state. The chakras, each of which controls various emotional, mental, and physical processes, are gently cleansed and nourished by the kundalini. The regular practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation therefore leads to greater health and well-being, and the potential to develop a deeper connection with one's spirit within.

Since May 5, 1970, countless people around the world have benefited from self-realization, through Shri Mataji's personal guidance in lectures and public programs, and from practitioners of Sahaja Yoga committed to carrying on Shri Mataji's legacy. Sahaja Yoga centres have been established in over 80 countries, where the techniques of Sahaja Yoga and the teachings of Shri Mataji are offered to people of all ages and all walks of life.

For Sahaja Yoga communities around the world, May 5 is a day to celebrate the founding of Sahaja Yoga, and to honour Shri Mataji's life work.

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