AUSTIN, TX --(Marketwired - May 05, 2016) - Austin-based natural pet treat company Raven's Way has just released their latest creation: natural freeze-dried chicken breast with probiotics. Each delicious snack is 100% made right here in the USA. The freeze-drying process locks in valuable nutrients and protein without adding chemicals, preservatives, or unnecessary fillers. Through the freeze-drying process, Raven's Way has been able to combine the advantages of raw whole protein ingredients with the incredible digestive benefits of probiotics.

"My husband and I were not satisfied with a lot of the dog treats we were finding in stores and online. This is where our story began. We found that Raven, our black lab, didn't digest many of these treats well and we were concerned about unhealthy additives. Then we found out about freeze-drying pure whole meats. Raven fell in love with this style of treats and we didn't have to worry about the mess typically associated with most raw diets," explained Joanna Magee, Co-founder of Raven's Way.

The focus on more health conscious diets for dogs has been on the rise in recent years. According to, sales of natural dog food passed $4.3 billion in the United States in 2014. Freeze-dried dog treats and food continue to demonstrate a steady increase in sales and interest as dog owners becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits of whole protein without unwanted added additives or chemicals.

The naturally occurring probiotics found in each and every treat are what sets Raven's Way apart from the competition. The probiotics used in the making of Raven's Way treats are vet- and laboratory-tested and approved. Each snack contains a guaranteed 100 million CFUs per gram of viable naturally occurring probiotics. Probiotics support healthy digestion, promote gut flora in the digestive tract, and support healthy skin and coat. Dogs love these delicious and healthy treats!

"Health-conscious pet treats are one of the fastest-growing industries. As people turn to natural, raw and healthy foods for their own diets, they want the same for their pets. They are our family, after all," explained Jason Magee, Co-Founder.

Raven's Way has plans to bring many more healthy, natural, and delicious pet treats to market.

About Raven's Way:

Raven's Way is a natural pet treat company based in Austin, Texas. Raven's Way was started by a husband and wife duo, Jason and Joanna Magee. They were inspired by their own positive experience with eating healthy, natural, raw ingredients and wanted to share this with their black lab, Raven, and all dogs out there that have come to be a part of the family. Their products are available all across the USA.

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