SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - May 06, 2016) - The two times mining companies add the most value are upon first discovery and when they are nearing development and production. Joe Reagor of ROTH Capital Partners focuses on the latter group, and in this interview with The Gold Report, he discusses a handful of gold and silver companies poised to move up the value curve even if gold and silver don't go up.

Included in this interview are: Integra Gold Corp.(TSX VENTURE: ICG) (OTCQX: ICGQF) and Pershing Gold Corp. (NASDAQ: PGLC)

The Gold Report: What's your macro outlook for gold?

Joe Reagor: International debt concerns are going to drive gold this year into next year, in our view. A number of countries with mounting debt loads can't continue to pay the interest portion of their debt, let alone ever pay it back. Total world debt continues to increase year after year. If the solution is for everybody to print the money that they need to pay everybody else back with, that's going to be a massive inflationary event, which would bode well for gold.

TGR: Silver has been up dramatically vis-à-vis gold. Do you expect that trend to continue?

JR: When gold started to catch in the early part of this year, silver didn't. Traditionally, it's been the reverse; when a recovery begins, silver moves first because it's the tighter market and, therefore, easier to be moved by the money coming into the sector. That said, we think the silver-gold ratio could contract down to 65:1 as a baseline level, but I don't expect it to return to 50:1, which we saw during the height of the gold and silver rally.

The other side is not just the macroeconomics of the world, but also the individual fundamentals of gold versus silver and their natural rarity. Silver and gold's recoverable rarity in nature is somewhere in…

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