SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - May 06, 2016) - With NewBeauty magazine noting the upper lip lift as a hot topic in April, Dr. Stanley Jacobs' summertime educational focus on the surgery is timelier than ever. As a proponent and refiner of the upper lip lift at his San Francisco Bay Area practice, he's seeking to teach the public about its benefits, especially when compared to other options, starting in May.

A youthful mouth has a sort of Cupid's bow shape, but the inevitable and steady increase in distance between the base of the nose and the upper lip as we age warps that shape over time, because the change causes the upper lip to thin. Teeth that were once visible with every smile can remain hidden as the upper lip rolls a bit inward, toward your mouth. Lip lines can deepen, too. All of these effects can add more than a decade to the apparent age of a face.

Growing interest in dermal fillers has led to an increase in injections intended to augment a smile that could use some help due to a thinning lip, but Dr. Jacobs warns anyone hoping to get ideal results with that method to be careful.

"Added volume can certainly plump up lips, but since fillers are also added weight, they can actually pull an upper lip down farther, making the sagging worse," he explained. "Patients who choose fat injections can encounter the same problem."

Patients may be tempted to select a filler in order to avoid incisions and any resulting scar, but Dr. Jacobs notes that the techniques available in 2016 allow for better results than methods used in years past, having been refined to the point that any marks from an upper lip lift are minimal, as well as hidden in the nostril openings' shadow. He compares the incision to a gull's wing in shape, and he uses it to tighten the skin in the area below the nose.

The entire upper lip lift surgery takes about 45 minutes. This is only a slightly longer than a dermal filler injection session, and the results, which are immediately apparent, last much longer. There is some bruising and swelling after an upper lip lift, but it should resolve in about a week.

Upper lip lift patients will enjoy an upper lip that rolls up and outward (a look common on young models), which creates a youthful "pout." The upper lip will also be shortened, the Cupid's bow will return, upper teeth will be more visible, and lines and wrinkles will be reduced.

In addition to upper lip lifts, Dr. Stanley Jacobs also performs facelifts, eyelid lifts, and rhinoplasty at his San Francisco Bay Area cosmetic surgery practice. To learn more about an upper lip lift, or any of the other surgical procedures noted here, call his offices in Healdsburg or San Francisco.

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