NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 9, 2016) - Officially launching today, the Flo Music app is set to transform the way we listen and share music with one another, in the same location. The free iOS app syncs up to 10 nearby phones to form one collaborative master playlist, or "Flo," that users can add songs to via their SoundCloud or Spotify accounts or through their iPhone music library. Now, music lovers have the opportunity to create a social playlist and seamlessly collaborate on the music they want to hear, like never before.

Flo Music makes it easy for everyone to take part in the playlist creation experience. Users will be able to connect the app to their SoundCloud and Spotify Premium Stream accounts to easily add their favorite streaming songs to a Flo happening near them. In addition to simplifying the way people create shared playlists, Flo Music keeps the beats going even when an Internet connection or speakers aren't available. The app is designed to work virtually anywhere -- whether you're gathered together at a house, on the beach, in a park, or taking a road trip -- and with or without WiFi through its own internal hotspot.

Here's how it works:

  • Host a Flo: Simply open the Flo Music app and start a Flo as a Host. 
  • Sync Up and Invite Users Nearby to Join a Flo: Users connect to a Flo via the same WiFi network or, when not available, Flo Music will spawn a WiFi hotspot nearby that up to 10 users can join.
  • Select a Listening Mode: Flo Music has two listening mode options depending on accessibility to WiFi and speakers:
    • Dock Mode: One designated iPhone connects to a speaker to play the Flo
    • Sync Mode: The app simultaneously plays music through all synced phones, forming one loudspeaker when no actual speaker is available. The more devices on the Flo, the louder the sound will play.
  • Add Songs, Listen, Repeat: All participants can add songs directly from their iPhone library or SoundCloud and Spotify Premium accounts. All users can view the playlist queue while the Host (or creator) has the ability to manage song order and invite new users to join the Flo.

After two years of testing and development, co-founder Alex Oberman is launching Flo to meet a huge gap in the music-listening experience. Oberman commented, "It's not a secret that people want to play their music, and if given a fun and easy enough way to do so within social settings, we believe they will."

Flo Music works with iPhone 5s models or newer and requires at least iOS 7.1. Over time, the app will evolve, continually adding new features and streaming music integrations.

"Upon hearing about the Flo Music concept, I immediately knew it was the right investment opportunity. Everyone loves and listens to music, and I believe music is best experienced with other people. Flo Music is providing a solution for music lovers who want to join in the playlist creation, and is establishing a community," said co-founder and investor Justus Pinkston.

For more information and to experience Flo Music in action, visit and follow @flomusicapp.

About Flo Music:
Flo Music provides the ultimate shared listening experience. The newly-launched iOS app allows you to create and listen to music playlists with everyone around you. Integrated with SoundCloud and Spotify, the app syncs up to 10 nearby phones to form one collaborative master playlist, or "Flo," that users add songs to. With two listening modes: dock and sync, Flo Music connects to speakers or establishes its own WiFi hotspot and plays synchronously through all connected phones, forming one loudspeaker. The Flo Music app is available for free in the Apple app store for users with iPhone 5s or newer. Visit for more.

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