OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 9, 2016) - CMHC will release its 2015 Annual Report on Monday, May 9 at 11:00 am Eastern time, in conjunction with its Annual Public Meeting.

The annual report details accomplishments over the year, including the steps taken by the Corporation in all areas of its business to be a high-performing organization and provide the most value to Canadians.

To further enhance transparency and expand the availability of data, CMHC will also publish its Mortgage Loan Insurance, Securitization and Covered Bonds Business Supplements for the Quarter ending on December 31, 2015.

To participate in this bilingual conference call, please dial one of the following numbers (Note: the language option is for operator assistance and automated menus only; the content of the call will be the same regardless of the number you dial):

  • 1-866-530-1553 for English-speaking participants
  • 1-866-573-5877 for French-speaking participants

The Report and Business Supplements will be made available at 10:00 a.m. Eastern time at

For more information, visit our website at or follow us on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Contact Information:

Karine LeBlanc
CMHC Media Relations
(613) 740-5413