IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - May 9, 2016) - Founder, President and CEO Dr. Theresa Ashby is proud to announce the launch of Dynam Consulting, an executive advisory firm focused on creating more powerful, competent and confident thinkers throughout organizations and developing groundbreaking strategic plans and processes that move organizations forward.

"Dynam Consulting helps leaders eliminate the gap between where they and their companies are and where they want to be," says Dr. Ashby. "Backed by science, research and skill, our innovative programs are designed to educate and empower individuals and organizations."

Dynam's core programs include:

1. Impact advisement. This one-on-one, MBA-style program uses observation, insight, advisement and debriefing to develop big-picture thinkers with stronger communication and collaboration skills. The result is more effective teams - exponentially improving an organization's performance. The yearlong program consists of four segments: THINK, which focuses on a competencies training platform, strategy and critical thinking; PLAN, which explores time management and prioritization, operational effectiveness and planning; DO, aimed at developing talent, financial acumen and specific skill sets, from assertiveness to public speaking; and BE, which concludes with building social capital, facilitating, assessment, leadership style debriefing and recommendations.

2. Executive coaching. With proven results from tested coaching methodologies, Dynam offers optimal performance coaching for executives, with one-on-one sessions in business strategy, goal-setting, leadership and execution. By leveraging the collective knowledge and insight of each individual, Dynam helps executives achieve and deliver consistent and lasting results. According to Harvard Business Review, coaching improves self-confidence by 80 percent, work performance by 70 percent and communication skills by 72 percent.

3. Strategic engagement. Through a holistic approach, Dynam plans, develops and leads strategic sessions with departments, teams and executives, assessing how they manage and where they focus their time and energy. By prioritizing activities that build the most value, Dynam creates a winning strategy that aligns operations, projects and talent to improve performance and profits.

"Each business has a framework," says Dr. Ashby. "We organize all the pieces so everything -- strategy, people, operations and projects -- is optimized, aligned and moving toward the same goal. You can't succeed unless everyone on your team - from the receptionist to the engineers -- is aware of his or her role and how he or she fits into the company's goals."

A strategist, advisor and thought-partner by nature, Dr. Ashby has a talent for assisting individuals in developing their potential and uniting coworkers around a common vision. With a Ph.D. in organizational psychology and master's degrees in both business administration and psychology, she has the ability to envision, create and execute integrated, big-picture solutions to interdependent and complex business challenges. Among her accomplishments: As a vice president of one of the largest healthcare organizations in the U.S., Dr. Ashby launched three major hospitals, collectively representing $1.7+ billion in capital investment, and transformed a struggling $500 million project into one of the company's greatest successes. Dr. Ashby is living her passion by inspiring the cultivation, enrichment and acceleration of greatness in others. For more information about Dr. Ashby and Dynam Consulting, visit

Dynam Consulting is an international executive advisory firm renowned for its strategically focused and groundbreaking creative processes that ignite more powerful, competent and confident leaders who strengthen an organization's effectiveness and influence. Through innovative programs that deliver measurable results, Dynam helps identify and develop decisive executives for the present, as well as the future, while building dedicated teams whose strengths are well defined and aligned with the mission-critical objectives of the company strategy. Fostering a culture of collaboration and accountability, Dynam's proven methods help drive tremendous business growth, while upholding the highest levels of integrity. Backed by science, research and skill, Dynam has gained the trust of CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs in both the private and public sectors across the globe for its proven ability to amplify team-leadership capabilities, increase engagement and unite an organization to common goals and a shared vision. For more information, visit

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